Life with bowel cancer


Sleeping nightmare

Not only have I experienced ‘normal’ daily worries but last night had a nightmare where consultant told me I’d three tumours elsewhere, bloody hell scary felt real! Anyone else had anything similar? Love to all. :x::x:


Hello @Chas that must have been horrible. I have experienced similar where having cancer is part of my dream as though it is impossible to escape from the knowledge even when asleep. The worst one was a dream where I had to take my son- only about 5 in the dream- to the edge of a road- I told him how to cross but then had to walk away without ever knowing if he made it across safely. I see this as working through my fears for the future of my family. My counsellor advised me to remember thoughts are not facts but doesn’t stop me waking up in a sweat! Hope you have happy dreams from now on.

Wendy :x::x:


Yes @Chas, I used to get the 'cancer getting worse' dreams too. I normally enjoy my dreams and am usually a fairly positive person. So I definitely saw these dreams as another of the nasty cancer side effects that no one warns us about. :x::x:


Hello @Chas (and @Lizalou and @WendySue)

Strangely I had a really nightmarish dream yesterday in the early hours, which stayed with me into the daytime so I read your post with interest.
I'm 6 weeks post op (LAR) and temp stoma, I woke at about 5am with a slightly leaking stoma (yuck, another story) and some pain. With some pain killers I fell into a heavy sleep until 8.30 - dreaming that I had another operation coming that would leave me paralysed and in a wheelchair as a side effect!!! I spent the dream trying to find the doctor to cancel the operation ... what was all that about?
The day before a friend on Facebook said she thought I was lucky to spend this summer in a deckchair in the sunshine ... perhaps it was that going through my mind ... and the impending stoma reversal ... who knows ... I also think that the hot summer nights don't help ...
Happier dreams to all of us from now on
Sarah :x::x:

Kate M

Hi @Chas. I, too have nightmares but mine appear to be general 'fright' themes where I sometimes wake up shouting or,worse, digging my nails into my husband's back! Never had these before the big 'C' so probably related to stress. KateM :x::x: