Life with bowel cancer


Positive consultant appointment

We were at Christies this morning & seen very quickly by Our consultant, which s always good, not too much hanging around. Very positive meeting, he gave us all the options and he’s happy that Chris has had a good response to chemo. The groin nodes have been sapped by the chemo and he said if they recur he will deal with them separately down the line. Chris s is going in Christies for the day on Thursday for an internal investigation under anaesthetic then he’s booked him in for surgery 6th August! Chris is feeling good about everything as he wants this tumour out, he will have a permanent Stoma but f that keeps him with us for longer, bring it on he says! Hoping we can get away for a holiday before surgery happens. So a positive day today.
Love to all :x::x:


Hi @ElaineG, so glad you had a positive day and hope you can get away somewhere before Chris's surgery.
All the best,
Gill :x:


Hi Elaine
Very good news .I just read your profile .long journey hey and I think I understand your feelings .I was diagnosed last August bowel cancer told think stage 1 few days later CT reveal already well established in liver straight to stage 4 most probably never operable in liver . chemo has shrunk bowel tumour which was 4 cm and liver 5x4cm.was. not visible to the eye from pet scan in arpil but by may had grown back to3.5 cm in such short time liver surgeon said it's showing its true colours great thanks for that .my thinking is when I had first 3 months chemo and had got rid bowel tumour and shrunk liver one had they carry on with next 3or 6 months which is where I am now would it had knocked liver one out for longer at least. Oncology say we don't like go e you 6 months in one go cos patients too tired for surgery but I won't ever probably have it and I tolerate chemo fairly well .so now I'm on palliative treatment and who knows piggies may be seen in sky .good luck on next steps


So glad you both had a positive result @ElaineG :x::x: