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Two weeks since CT scan and still waiting for results...

I was diagnosed with stage 3c Bowel cancer in A&E in June 2017. Since being discharged from oncology (finished chemo in Jan), I have had my first ct scan under the surgical unit. It’s two weeks since my scan and no results yet. I can’t sleep for stress and worry... my cancer nurse advised that I will get a letter from my surgeon telling me the result. Do they honestly just tell you if the cancer has returned in a letter? Or do I have to wait for an appointment with my surgeon if something ‘bad’ has been found?

I don’t understand why under oncology I had a set appointment a week later to find results and now I have no idea when I will find out. Please advise. I’m worried sick. Don’t know whether I should be chasing my surgeon as surely even if results went to MDT meeting they would be back by now...?

Sarah Staff (Support and Information)

@fi @nurse
I'm sorry to hear that you are anxious and still waiting for your scan results. It would definitely be worth liaising with your main point of contact from your MDT- do you have the name of a nurse that you can chat with?
Our nurse is away at present but will be able to follow up with you on her return.
Best wishes

Jane SH Nurse Advisor

Dear @fi
Thank you for your post. How very worrying for you!

My suggestion is to arrange to share your concerns with your GP as soon as possible. Your GP can help to chase the surgeon for your results. Keep notes about all your care and concerns including questions you have and take them with you. In addition try to get in touch with the MDT specialist nurse / cancer nurse specialist and tell her how worried you are and why.

with very best wishes

Jane SH

Charlotte Nurse Advisor

Dear @fi,

To add further to @Jane SH Nurse Advisor comments, no you should not expect to get the results of your CT via a letter (whatever the results may be). Your consultant or clinical nurse specialist should go through the results in detail with you preferably face to face in clinic or at the very least over the telephone.

As Jane suggests if you cannot get any help from your nurse then I would definitely ask your GP to intervene.

As a note, unfortunately it is not uncommon for there to be a delay in receiving results from scans etc. but a delay does not signify that the results are unfavourable.

With kindest regards,