Stage 4 bowel cancer

Kathy L


Hi. Just searched for information about Ascites and found only 2 posts. Wondering if it is the cause of my husbands bloated tummy.
Anyone experienced it, has information on it or just general comments.
Kathy :x:

Kathy L

Does help to spell it right! Now found a whole heap of stuff!


I had a pot belly going on despite substantial weight loss before I was diagnosed

It stopped me from wanting to eat much as even a cup of tea made me feel like I had eaten 2 roast dinners.

When I had my biopsy they drained me and took about 10 litres out of my abdomen. A few weeks later I had started to fill up again and another drain was arranged for a few days before I started my first chemo session.

This time they took 6 litres out of me.

Once I started on the chemo it never returned