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Severe itching & burning

Any suggestions for severe burning & itching with a rash on the buttocks. Had ileostomy reversal 4 months ago. I am rigid about care/cleanliness of the area & have tried many different baby bum creams. Might it be fungal or yeast? Still eating a low residue diet as I have a lot of diarrhea. Help!

Sarah Staff (Support and Information)

@Eire1967 @nurse
Thank you for your post and I'm sorry to hear about your pain. Our nurse is not in the office today but will be able to follow up with you in a couple of days. However, if it is painful I suggest going to your GP so they can have a look at the rash in more detail and give you some advice.
Thank you

Jane SH Nurse Advisor

Dear @Eire1967
Thank you for your post. Im sorry to hear you are in so much discomfort and pain from your nasty rash.

The rash will respond to the right treatment and so Its important that your GP has a look at it as soon as possible. You may need to be referred to a Dermatologist.

with very best wishes
Jane SH

Charlotte Nurse Advisor

Dear @Eire1967,

Just to follow up on @Jane SH Nurse Advisor comments. Is the rash on your buttocks i.e. not around the anal opening?

If it is around the anus and therefore likely to be due to burning from the stool then it is important to protect the skin from the stool.

As Jane mentioned I would definitely ask either your GP or contact your stoma care nurse who can have a look at the area and if necessary refer to a dermatologist (skin specialist) if they feel their expertise is required.

If they feel that this is due to contact with the stool then your stoma care nurse can help advise you on how best to protect the skin as the principles are the same for protecting the skin around the stoma.

With kindest regards,



Thanks Charlotte, it is also around the anal area. It has improved with some nappy rash cream.