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Partner in agony with abdominal cramps on Folfiri

Chris is on his second round of chemo and is in severe pain with stomach cramps. He’s tried paracetamol, tramadol, buscapan and codeine all at different times and nothing seems to make it subside. Has anyone else experienced this? Can anyone help?


Hello @gemmabaggies, so sorry to hear this. I have to say that Buscopan worked for me on the few occasions I have suffered with this, but I think it is time now to ring the chemo helpline number or equivalent you have been given and seek advice. That is what they are there for, very best of luck, Kim :x:


Hi @gemmabaggies does he have Loperamide? I get it with my standard chemo prescription, it’s for diarrhoea but I think it helps with the cramps too - not 100% sure on this but when I have had episodes of cramps is usually followed by heavy output usually diarrhoea (I have a stoma) I take buscopan and the loperamide :x::x:

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Hi @gemmabaggies does he get an atropine injection before he has Irinotecan? The first time my husband had Folfiri they waited to see how he was and he got cramps very quickly so they gave him atropine which stopped it and he has it every time now.
I agree if it dosnt reduce you should ring the helpline and see what they say.
I just asked hubby about it and he said to try lying on his left side - one leg bent up and one straight down. Must be on left side. This straightens everything out and usually relieves any further cramps he gets.
I hope the pain goes soon :x::x:


HI @ gemmabaggies,sorry to hear of CHRIS terrible discomfort.I am on IRINOTECAN every two weeks, but they have always given me an ATROPINE injection to prevent stomach cramps.I suggest you ask your team about this.Injection is rather unpleasant like a bee sting but it is well worth it.Best of luck,BICHON.

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How is Chris today @gemmabaggies ? Hopefully feeling better :x::x:


Hi @gemmabaggies , Mark had folfiri, and the Iri infusion was dreadful for him (and we were told for most people). The only thing that worked was a change in pain relief that made him sleep through the whole thing. That WORKED! It was the only way he got through...

Hope that helps, it’s awful isn’t it?

Sarah :x:


Chris has been taking tramadol and windeze and that seems to have helped. He has the atropine injection each time but the cramps seem to weirdly start in the week after the infusion. Thanks for all your replies. :x::x:


Hi @gemmabaggies Like most i get the atropine injection but still get stomach cramps and hot sweats so i take 2 paracetamol, take a hot water bottle into chemo room filled with boiling water and try and sleep through the whole 1 hour infusion. I rely on laporamide if i need to and the also giver me an antibiotic to take 24 hours after the laporomide if i still have dihorera

Hope you find as solution, the nurses will help

karen :x::x:


hello, my hubby too had severe stomach cramps resulting in a trip to A&E. But then he had the 'bee sting' injection Atropine and everything settled. Ask if he can get it. It does work. Big hugs. Toni :x::x:

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Hi @gemmabaggies
Sounds like something definitely worth talking to his team about. May be worth calling them ahead of Gus next cycle so they can work out a strategy before he goes in.
Big hugs