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lynn collier


Hi I wonder would any recently bereaved people like to meet up at all :x::x:


That's a nice idea @lynn collier , but it all depends on where we all live doesn't it! I notice you haven't got a place on your profile. :x::x:

lynn collier

Hi daffodil how you doing I live in Chelmsford essex :x::x::x:


We're all rather spread out aren't we! It'll be difficult to find somewhere convenient for us all. I'm in West Kent.:x:

dedicated to dom

Fantastic idea but I’m in Plymouth Devon so it’s a bit far but in theory it’s a brilliant idea :x:


Hi @lynn collier @Swan @Daffodil @dedicated to dom

I feel quite humbled that you are all so supportive of each other, it would be lovely if you could keep things going by working together, but you are so far apart . I wonder if you could do a day trip into London? Otherwise, perhaps you could message each other privately and exchange e mails.

Good luck with your plans, hope you work something out.

Hugs for you all :x::x::x::x:


Although I live in Wakefield can be in London in less than 2 hours :x::x:

lynn collier

Thanks Liza Lou so nice it would be good to meet in London how are you doing :x::x::x:

lynn collier

Love to meet you Trinity xxx how are you


I can get to London quite easily too. :x::x:


It would all depend would be so very nice to meet up. London would be possible for me in the autumn but before then my kitchen table in Brittany is my only option! Sending love to you all. :x::x::x:


Great idea but unfortunately I’m just outside Edinburgh so so a bit of a trek for me! :x::x: