Stage 4 bowel cancer


Stereotactic Radiation/Cyber Knife

Hello to you all. I wonder if any of you knowledgeable folk can offer information or comment on my recent experience with stereotactic radiation.
I underwent five sessions of stereotactic radiation three months ago following eight cycles of Folfiri and cetuximab. This in response to three very small nodules which appeared in my left lung after three years in remission. I had a CT scan three weeks ago to evaluate the impact of the stereotactic Radiation on the nodules. Apparently a scan any sooner wouldn’t have enabled them to evaluate any changes in the small nodules because of the inflammation which this treatment creates.
Well, I saw the consultant last Thursday and he advised that the nodules were actually “bulkier “(his word) than prior to the treatment. He said the makers of the equipment used for this treatment say this can happen, however, neither he or his colleagues have previously seen this occur. The plan now is for another scan in three months. The consultant did make the point that as yet they don’t know this is bad just feels that way right now. I did ask if the treatment could be repeated? He ruled that out stating it was very much a one off treatment.


Hi @John2628

My husband has just had cyberknife treatment on a metastasis on his sacrum. Like you, we've found it difficult to find much information on side effects of the treatment and how the tumour is affected by the treatment, and most of the info was on treatment of tumours of the brain or prostate. There doesn't seem to be much info out there for any other areas of the body yet.

From my trawling of the internet about cyberknife before his treatment (I know, I shouldn't Google but I did!), I could only find that some tumours change slower than others after treatment and also that there can be delayed symptoms such as swelling and inflammation at the treatment site as your consultant pointed out. Also, the appearance of the tumours on a CT scan after cyberknife therapy was not the same as with "standard" radiotherapy.

The waiting is horrible, but hopefully your next scan will show an improvement as the treatment continues to have an effect.



Hi @John2628 I have been waiting to see if you posted any information on your stereotactic radiotherapy as my husband is also waiting to see the results from his treatment. He had cyber knife on a lymph node and stereotactic on a lung tumour - both in April. He is to have a PET scan this month and then sees the consultant in August for the results. Sometimes he wishes he had gone for surgery to remove them both as this was an option! I know the paperwork he signed before the treatment said it was to "control cancer " rather than remove it.
Overall he seems OK in himself - he was diagnosed stage 4 palliative only in October 15 but had chemo and the liver and bowel resection. So we are just grateful he is still here.
Let's hope your next scan shows some reduction. I think as @Ev says it is all still quite a new treatment approach so not much is known for certain yet.
Wishing you all the best


Hi, and thanks to @Ev and @Deemar for your kind response and your good wishes. It’s very strange how they insist on stating that the treatment is to “control cancer “ rather than effect a cure. I asked them if the treatment would be any different if you were aiming to cure? and they said “no” so really there’s no understanding the situation. All the best to you :x::x::x: