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I’ve just delivered my Grandson in the bath!

Good morning, just wanted to share some amazing news with you all

My son called me at 4.20 this morning to pop round to the house to babysit Harry to allow him And his incredible wife to go to hospital as she was in labour. After saying a quick hello (as she was soaking in a nice deep bubble bath,) I went to make myself. a coffee downstairs.

I heard that all too familiar “mum!” and hurried upstairs where I was pretty certain she was about to deliver I could feel and see the top of his head so told my son to call 999 and say birth was imminent. Next contraction and we slowly delivered his head under the water then i delivered his shoulders and body onto mums tummy.

Thankfully he cried right away and pinked up nicely. I simply can’t believe how incredibly calm she was and and also me and my son too. He was on the phone to ambulance control giving a running commentary and handing over clean towels. They’ve all gone to hospital in the ambulance now and I’m sitting here with tears streaming down my face almost in disbelief at what’s just happened. It was one of the most special moments of my entire life to have the the absolute privilege and joy of delivering my own grandson into the world. I’ll treasure that memory forever and wanted to share it with you all! He’s called Cameron and was born at 4.49am. (I should add that I was a midwife many moons ago before I had my own kids)

Have a lovely day everyone!



@Baxter2 huge congratulations. He is absolutely gorgeous and wow what a beautiful shawl. Lots of lovely pics - you have every right to be very proud. Much love :x::x::x::x:


Gorgeous @Baxter2, keep sending them, they give us all a lift. :x::x:


Awww @Baxter2 your family photos are just amazing, you must be very proud of them all. Can’t believe Cameron is now 3 months old, where does the time go. Lots of love to you all D :x::x::x::x:


And thank you too @DianeS !

Yes, they're all thriving and growing! Hope your holiday is going well and your enjoying the break!

Love Karen 💚💙💜💛❤️


Well, @Baxter2, I am only just catching up with all the happenings. What lovely news, what a clever girl you are and quite a remarkable knitter to boot! This is what life is all about, all the awful things disappear when something as wonderful as this happens. It has given me a great lift too! Congratulations to you all! XXX. P.S. I would be happy is you posted a photo of the beautiful baby everyday! Lol


@Baxter2 , I have been confused, must still be affected by the anaesthetic, ha, ha! I didn’t realise there were two little babies! So you can post as many baby photos as you like, ha, ha! :x::x::x:


Haha! Yes, @LynneW! Thank you for your lovely compliments!

There's little Harry who was 2 this week, his little brother Cameron (who I delivered in the bath back at the beginning of July!) Fraser, my son and Lyndsey his wife. Cameron is 3 months old now. Little Marty (who has the shawl I knitted) is now just 12 days old and his daddy is my oldest son Michael and his mummy is Holly.

My youngest son Euan doesn't have any children............yet!


Michael, Holly and Marty at 5 days old


Harry and Cameron


Hi @Baxter2 I’ve just caught up with your most recent arrival, congratulations !!! Absolutely fantastic 🤩❤️. Such a beautiful family you must be so proud. Very well done on the baby shawl too, you clever girl 😊 :x::x::x:


Aww, thank you @Freckles50! Yup, I'm as proud as punch of every one of them. My heart feels like it could just burst with joy and happiness when I'm around my family. 💙💙💙


Beautiful! @Baxter2
Lovely shaw too, well done 😊


Karen, you have a beautiful family. Just think if you had believed your oncologist 2 years ago, you wouldn't be around now to see them all! So glad you did your own research and got it all sorted. Forum members - you need to read some of the profiles of these fantastic forum members - they have been through so much but still live life to the full.
Hope you are now looking into an Australian trip to see your brother @Baxter2
Great to meet you last week


Thank you much @bettebette and @Elmac

I often think the same @Elmac. I just feel so very grateful to be here and to be such a big part of their lives. 😘

Lots of love to you both!



Oh Karen, I hope you keep posting these gorgeous pictures @Baxter2. :x::x::x::x::x:


Oh Thank you @Gypsy!

I just can't help myself! 😘

Loads of love to you and Keith

Karen 💜💛💙❤️💚


Yes @Baxter2 please keep posting them, and everyone else! Perhaps we should have a separate page for family/pet photos? Caroline :x::x::x:


@Catlover, there's an Animal Magic Thread already. :x::x:


Shows how observant I am...... not 😂@Gypsy. :x::x: