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Worried & scared

From tinkerbell68

I had a uncomfortable pain/feeling just under my right rib cage, I’ve been to the doctors & within the space of 2 wks I’ve been to see a specialist & I’m having to go for a colonoscopy I’ve never been of the toilet since with loose motions, I am so scared of the outcome. I lost my mum to bowel cancer within the space of 3 days & my brother to colon cancer within 4 months this April. I’m 50yrs of age & when I look back I’ve always struggled with the toilet ie constipated & loose motions


Hope you’re doing okay @tinkerbell68 ?

Sending love and best wishes

Sarah :x:


Good morning @tinkerbell68 and a warm welcome to the forum!

I'm sorry you find yourself in this position especially after losing your mother and brother so recently.
I guess it's even more important to have the colonoscopy and any other investigations required to establish exactly what you're dealing with here which could easily be another bowel related issue entirely! I know it will be difficult to think positively but, remember, thoughts are just that and not facts so until they're known, what can you do? Perhaps try to keep busy and distracted while waiting for appointments. Please use this forum as often as you like and need. There's loads of friendly well informed users who will be more than willing to offer you friendship, support, information and advice (if you want it!)

Sending all my very best wishes to you!