Stage 4 bowel cancer


Anyone Experience of Xelox Chemotherapy?

My dad has had the primary bowel tumour removed and Xelox has been recommended to reduce the liver mets. Have you any experience of Xerox? Was it successful? Thanks 😊


Hello @kerry, I am glad that you now know the rest of your Dad’s treatment plan. There are many folk on the forum with experience of Xelox and you can read about these using the search facility in the top right hand corner. You will also I’m sure receive more responses to this post. It is really difficult to say how your father will react as everyone is different. In addition some people experience very few side effects and others may temporariy have a bit of a rough ride. The thing is though I find it useful to remember that the chemo is on our side, the tumour is the enemy! Take very good care, and please keep us updated, Kim :x::x::x:

Bear G

Hi @kerry
As @Liriodendron345 mentioned, there’s lots of experience on here with XELOX (it’s also called CAPOX) as this is a standard and well proven regimen.
You can search for other discussions on it by using the magnifying glass at the top of the page.
I’ve attached an excellent booklet from the charity which I hope will be of help.
I’m a big fan of the mindset approach mentioned above, viewing chemo as a friend and ally in dealing with the cancer. My phrase for this is “it’s not my cancer but it is my chemo”.
Big hugs


Hi @kerry. I had four rounds of Xelox at the end of last year and, although given the option not to have it (as only one lymph node of 12 removed showed evidence of spread), decided it was worth going through with. I very much took the view that if it was capable of zapping anything remaining then it had to be a good thing. Fortunately, my side effects were minimal, mainly sheer fatigue. Have developed some peripheral neuropathy since finishing the course which is persisting but I can live with that, however, worth it to then be given the all clear in April. All the best.


That’s good news Chris thanks for replying 😀


Also, thanks for your advice and guidance Bear G. 😀


( sorry for my bad English ). I'm currently on my first cycle of Xelox out of 6 cycles. I had surgery to remove the infected part of colon and now on Xelox. There were very few side effects. Weakness is there but it could be because of my temporary ileostomy. I wish you good luck.