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lorraine grant

Injections of fragmin

Does anyone know if it’s ok to inject fragmin anti blood clotting medecine into your buttock? I had been doing it happily for 3 weeks but suddenly developed a real phobia and after 3hours of trying tonight had to get my partner to do it but it was in my bum (upper outer quadrant). Is that ok for one day? I need to see the oncology ward tomorrow as this is rediculous!


Ahh bless ya .i cant help at all have no knowledge what it is your doing just want let you know some one read your post .things always seem worse in night .hooe you get good advice come in soon .i had sweats the other nighr hubby panic more than me


It's funny @lorraine grant, after all the needles we have to endure during our diagnosis, I also had a real problem with injecting myself with anti-blood-clotting meds, and yes, hubby did inject my buttock on a few occasions! I then discovered a lovely numb patch from a previous op in my tummy area. Thought I had hit the jackpot! Always worth asking medical advice, but if I remember rightly the buttocks are fine too.
Hope all goes well for you today 😊 :x::x::x:


Try in your leg. Was told that was ok :x::x:


Hi @lorraine grant

Like @mem, I have a large area of post op numbness on the right side of my tummy so use that if I can. As I have so many bruises over my tummy area, I do have to use the non numb other side too 😉 I've been doing this daily since last August as I had a clot in each lung and one going into my heart. My oncologist wants me to continue indefinitely as I'm at higher risk because I've already had them so it's just a way of life now. It all becomes even more fun when I have to do the week of neutrophil injections too! 😩 hopefully over time you'll manage to do them easily and it will all just be part of your daily routine!

Good luck!

Lots of love,

Karen 💜💚💛❤️💙


I couldn’t face doing them into my tummy so did them in the top of my thigh (alternated each day) my husband was shown how to do them there too but I managed fine. Think they were done in my bottom when I was an inpatient though. Good luck :x::x:

Bear G

Hi @lorraine grant
It’s fine to inject things like fragmin into any fatty area like your bum, your torso or your thigh.
A tip to make it less painful and less risk of bruising is to inject just to the side of where you’re pinching, where the skin is softer rather than tight. Like in this picture
Definitely a good idea to vary the injection site too.

Big hugs

Gg k

I injected at top of thigh on the outside alternating thighs. Pinching flesh , counting to ten and going for it lol.
As a science teacher I was amazed at my squeamishness. Found it hard to do for first few days then it was ok. :x:


Hi @lorraine grant I also have the fragmin injections for the last four weeks and found it hard going my oncologist lowered the dose as the bruising on my tummy was so bad it's a lot better. I find if I do the injection slowly and keep pinching the area for a minute or so it helps. Hope it goes alright for you today I've just done mine resting on the bed for ten minutes then I will be fine :x::x:

lorraine grant

Huge thanks to you all. We have a great Maggies cancer centre in Aberdeen and spoke with the psychologist today. She thinks that the couple of days when I felt really grim, I’ve created a negative association between being ill and the injection. Thankfully the nurse at my surgery will do them on a week day and we either try to bring the time forward each day so I can use a local clinic at the weekend or we train up the other half. Thankfully I have medical friend who will sort me this weekend and my cousin has stepped up to. I’m hoping it’s just the 6 to 8 weeks the oncologist suggested initiLly.
Life is never easy! Lol


Lots of sympathy from me @lorraine grant , but also a certain amount of jealousy at the care and understanding that you have been given.

I was so brave after the diagnosis, the operation and unexpected ileostomy, but totally lost it when the district nurse said she could no longer do my injections. With hindsight, as your psychologist says, it was just the wrong thing at the wrong time and I dreaded every one. But when i had to start again later, I had no problem. (My husband offered to do them but that would have been far, far worse as he has a lifetime of squeamishness)

Good luck! :x:

lorraine grant

@Lizalou sorry to hear you didn’t get much support. I’d say so far my experience has been terrific but twice I have been advised to go (basically the emergency ward) as I’d been quite unwell. The first time after a rectal exam the junior doc said I had piles, despite me just telling him I had a low rectal bleeding tumour, and the second time I had an abdominal X-ray to see if there was a blockage or. It. They said nothing there so sent me home after 8 hours. Two days later my chemo nurse had the X-ray checked and said I was “full of poop”.
So maybe care is a bit sporadic depending on the day and the staff? Who knows but I’ll not be putting up with that again should I be back at the ward!