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Pregabalin coming off the tablet

Wow coming off pregabalin had the feeling of being very cold last night a belly ache plus leg pains and a bit confused. I was originally on 100 mg twice a day for 6 months then for 3 weeks on 50mg and started the 25mgs a few day ago.
Didn't understand what the tablet pregabalin did in the first place but would never ever take again after last night feelings.
Got to also say since I have been stopping or cutting pregabalin back I have slept very well for the last week ish.

Has anyone else had any effects of this tablet when withdrawing from them would we nice to have the heads up.


George :x::x::x:

Bear G

Hi @george1960
Sorry to hear you’re experiencing this on withdrawal.
Pregabalin can be a big help to control things like neuropathic pain and I know it’s helped a lot of people on the forum.
It’s the type of medicine that does need supervision of your doctor to withdraw it rather than a sudden stop but it sounds like you’ve been getting this well managed with your dose reductions.
I’m tagging @nurses to see if they can advise.
Big hugs


Hi pregabalin was originally designed as an anticonvulsant for epilepsy and when coming off the drug needs slow tapering over many weeks. It was recently switched to a controlled drug as it is misused by people with addictions. When working as a prison pharmacist we kept a close eye on its prescribing and reported it to the drug and therapeutics committee every month. Funnily enough I refused to prescribe it after being asked by an addict who is on benzodiazepines. sleepers. gabapentin and methadone as they have a drug seeking problem. Told them straight that he must be joking. I’ve another patient going mad about reducing zopiclone but my worry is he has a history of downing a litre of vodka daily. So I have been to a coroners court before about prescribing dihydrocodeine and this guy died as he was double doctoring getting it on line on his mums credit card using false names. Anyway he was portrayed as a saint and healthcare prescribers were the evil ones. The fact he was an addict using family names and fraudulently using his mums credit card never came into it. And GPS leave all their problematic patients such as drug addicts to be dealt with by practice nurse and practice pharmacist to deal with as they cannot be bothered and through the rest of us under the bus of a coroners enquiry is requested. So I have started to say no to anyone asking for benzodiazepines, sleepers and morphine just so I don’t get fxxcked over by my medical colleagues. Rant over 😁💘


Thanks for the heads up. I have been on 75mg 3 x daily for the last 10 weeks post surgery, met with my dr today and I will start to reduce to 2 x daily and then once daily until I’m off it. See how I go.


Thank you @Bear G @GD62 @Laura74 l was put on these tablets prior to surgery on 100mg 4 months,75mg 3 weeks and Pregabalin 25mg over the last few days for 3 weeks have had the shivers, very loose stoma, and belly aches but I will persist with coming off these tablets.

I have got to say I have never had an reaction to any tablet before this is a first, I wish I had known as never would have taken in the first place, doctors should warn people about the side effects once they start the slow withdrawal of these tablets.

One consulation of coming off tablets best sleeps ever.

Thank you have a brilliant day.


Bear G

re-tagging correctly: @nurse
Hope it's still timely and apologies for my typo

Charlotte Nurse Advisor

Dear @george1960,

As other's have explained coming off Pregabalin must be done in a controlled way under the supervision of your doctor. Even then people can experience unpleasant side-effects as you have done.

It is a shame that you were not warned about this as obviously getting unpleasant symptoms when you are not expecting them is very worrying.

I do hope things settle down quickly for you.

With kindest regards,


Thank you Charlotte the side effects have stopped and feeling much better.
Thank You