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Has anyone had experience as a pantomime dame - on mby bucket list.

Hi All

One of my bucket list would be a pantomime dame like Biggins or John Inman. I saw them both over the years in shows and they are and were fantastic.

Has anyone any unusual bucket list requests.....

Positive healing to all xxx


@GD62 Can you put together a BBC Xmas Panto sketch and record/upload/share it on the forum, with you as the Dame, @Baxter2 as Fairy Godmother, @Bear G as Buttons and I am happy to be the back end of the panto horse! :x::x::x:

Bear G



So funny @GD62!!! Hey have you seen @Chelts post about rabbits and things ....another good fun one there! Do give some reassurance on you amazing HIPEC approach & recovery! @Buzylizzy and @Wren17 also had HIPEC at Good Hope
Love to all - I’m supposed to be vacuuming but have found myself watching Emmedale and having a tea :x::x:


Hi @HH79 all I can say is that apart from this BC problem I have had good general health. That said I had great care at Christies and Manchester Royal. I was off work four months made sure I ate well, rested up, walked dog regularly, prayed for a speedy recovery and my partners who is a nurse looked after me at home full time as he took time off work to do so. The district nurses, stoma nurses locally were great, determined to get back to work with a holiday in Italy as a reward motivated me to be positive to get well soon and sounding off on the forum, Hope this helps. Hugs and positive healing 👍😁❣️


Lovely post @GD62, brightened up my day :x::x:


this did make me laugh!!! :x::x:


Thank you made me giggle and good luck would love to see uploaded or on the BBC.



Hi @eyeofthetiger @Bear G @Wren17 @mandayjane @george1960

Thanks for your lovely comments. Funnily enough had chemo brain today, and went to pick up a friend at Aldi to help with her shopping and drove to Lidl instead. My partner asked me to water the from garden and I watered the back garden he had already done and the list goes on. Early dementia might be bliss as at least I would not know was going on with this cancer lark.

I'm a big fan of British Comedy from 60,70 and 80's when growing up, but I wish somebody could convince me about any recent funny stuff as the US has taken over as John Cleese confirmed, we're not funny anymore.

I have become a refugee on the Gold Channel watching On The Buses, Steptoe & Son, Are You Being Served. Monty Python, Q1-9, Love Thy Neighbour, The Secret Police Man's Ball, The Young Ones, Absolutely Fab, The Goons, Hancocks Half Hour.

And all very non PC ofcourse but that was the times that were. Anyway we are all a bit more liberal and enlightened and maybe just see it for what it was at the time.

That said positive healing all xxx :)


Hi @GD62 - never been a pantomime dame but was Titania, Queen of the Fairies, in A Midsummer Night's Dream in 1970 in the second form. Draped in one of those blue bri nylon sheets (Brentford Nylons) that left you in mortal danger of spontaneous combustion.


Hello @belinda66 my dear. My problem is that I've always been a Big Fairy Queen all my life lolx And I am sure that you were magical in your delivery too

Positive healing poppet xxx

fairy queen.htm


Haha! Love it @GD62 and @eyeofthetiger! I'm not sure I'd fit into the fairy godmother dress but I'd have a go! 😂😂



@eyeofthetiger - Ill be the front end of the horse with you! Sounds like a lot of fun :x::x::x:


@GD62, I too am a great believer that watching comedy is the best remedy for good health even if we can tip the balance to 51 per cent of feeling healthy most of the time. I am currently on round 5 of Folfiri, had my Chemo today, so yes on the Dex's mid night runners. Just been watching Hylda Baker non PC on YouTube, from the series, not on your Nellie, ooer, it is so lighthearted and makes me laugh to this day, especially when Gilbert comes on. I also like anything with len rossiter, rising damp etc.
Hope you are continuing to Feel the good health, and receiving the loving energy from our lovely forumites.:x::x:


I agree too @Clancy and @GD62

I'm high on dex too Clancy having woke up up at 3! Gave up trying to get back off to sleep so up and downstairs now with my little doggie! I expect I'll feel tired later but I have my two last doses today which should see me through! Off out in Edinburgh this afternoon with friends and suspect we'll be watching a certain footy game too!

Have a lovely day all! Lots of love,

Karen 💚💛💜❤️💙


Hi @Baxter2 @Clancy @Elmac

Have had dex past three days but should take 8mg but just do 6mg daily, has got me up and texting friends going off on holiday on early flights. Also being a non working minister do early morning prayer for all my known sick locally, family friends and all our forum folks and their families. Usually in the garden by 7am enjoying coolest part of the day.

Have a lovely weekend and positive healing to all :x::x::x:


Hi @GD62 - thanks for your morning prayers for us and just so you know @Clancy and @Baxter2 - my bucket list has now got the first tick on it - yesterday we booked an Alaska Cruise for July 2019!

Yesterday I saw the surgeon who did my operation on 15th April - so 11 weeks and 6 days later - she had all her notes and referred to the histology reports and said she hoped never to see me again, BUT the tumour she removed was large and obviously fast growing and had gone through the bowel wall and penetrated into the peritaneum so there is still a risk of secondaries in the liver, lungs and peritoneum itself, or even recurring in the bowel, but hopefully the chemo is dealing with that. Once the chemo is finished in September I will be on 3 monthly blood tests, a CT scan after 6 months, then a sigmoidoscopy at years 1, 3 and 5 unless anything untoward happens in the meantime. She said they can’t do a colonoscopy again as I don’t have that part of the colon anymore as she took out that third. Said that there was plenty of margin each side of the tumour with no sign of cancer and with only 1 lymph node (out of 27 removed) with any sign of cancer cells, I had a very good chance of being cured! All in all, a 5 minute consultation after an hour’s wait as she was running late! I start my 3rd cycle of the chemo next Thursday 12th, then the 4th when we come back from our river cruise (Amsterdam to Budapest) in August.

Also yesterday I received a letter from Guys Hospital asking me to phone to make an appointment for the genetic testing to see if I carry the Lynch Syndrome gene.

Have a lovely weekend - glad England is through to the next round, but I didn't watch it - not interested in football, rugby, tennis or any other sport - much rather look up family history!

Elaine :x::x::x::x:


Fab news @Elmac. We had a 3 week trip booked to Canada and Alaska this July but I cancelled it when Nev did not seem to be able to cope with his ileostomy unaided. I thought the long flight would be too much. However instead we are cruising to the Northern tip of Norway which involves a short flight to London and then a flight back from Bergen. He is now able to empty/change his bag unaided so we probably could have gone but heho. Next year we have a 22day cruise around the Med. we did the cruises from Amsterdam to Budapest a few years ago, you will love it. Planning ahead is important, go for it!
Love Caroline :x::x:


Hello @Elmac marvellous news and hope @Catlover you enjoy your crusie. Again I'll be lighting my regular Sunday candle and praying for all our forum members , families and friends for comfort and healing.

Thanks for the positive news...x

Positive healing all :)


Lovely news @Elmac, we have had some great positive posts on here lately and it lifts the spirits. Enjoy your holiday, remember 51% feeling healthy tips the balance of us feeling at dis-ease with our bodies. According to Rhonda Byrne anyway.:x::x:


Oh what brilliant news @Elmac! You must be feeling so relieved and optimistic! Your river cruise will be wonderful and the Alaska one sounds great too (bit chilly for me mind! 😉)

I watched a little bit of the footy yesterday and delighted to see England win! Looking forward to the Croatia game now!

Loads of love,