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Another urine infection

Poor kev is in agony with his 4th urine infection, he finished radiotherapy and chemotherapy last week and is also suffering badly with the burns. He is trying to pee every 10 mind day and night and is totally exhausted and depressed. When will it get better! Just hope the treatment has shrunk the tumour enough for an op after all this, I feel helpless that I can't do more to ease his pain.


Hi@mandajayne, really feel for kev as im currently recovering from 5 week infection myself. Unfortunately i dont have any advice as i was taken from one antibiotic to the next. What has his team suggested about treating the infection? Hope things improve for him soon and he feels better :x::x:


hi wren17.. i called his nurse, but she says she doesnt know anything about urine infections.. she has been utterly useless from the time he was diagnosed in feb.. no help whatsoever. she didnt even know he was self catheterising.. even though i left a message on her answer machine... as she hardly ever picks up the phone!


Sorry @mandajayne Im at work so a quickie ...... I had exactly the same thing during/after chemoradiotherapy! Its gets better hold on in there :x::x:


@mandajayne Sorry to hear that Kev is in agony. The response you have had from the nurse is unacceptable as if she doesn’t know about urine infections she should still take this seriously and signpost to someone who does know. It sounds as though a urine sample is required and antibiotics so it doesn’t develop further. Is your GP helpful as maybe an alternative route? Good luck and hope you get the help you are entitled to. :x::x:


hi wendysue.. yes, he is on his 4th course of anti biotics and has told to self catheterise only when desperate. i think a big complaint about his so called oncology nurse is in order.. she has been no help whatsoever.. thank goodness for this site! :x:


@mandajayne Hope the antibiotics resolve things really soon. I had a problem with my oncology nurse who had been promoted from the stoma team to clinical nurse specialist. I rang her with a stoma problem only to be told “I don’t deal with stomas anymore”. Shame because most nurses are amazing and go out of way to help but I have also had the unhelpful side too! Agree that we need this site for help!


hi @mandajayne I had several UTIs during chemo, even to the extent of passing frank blood and they were taken very seriously and I was given very strong antibiotics for each one, my wifes a district nurse and she has said that the treatment and management of UTIS is basic nursing,


Hi, cranberry juice (ocean spray) has been said to help with uti's - there is a chap called Prof Stanton in London - a urologist, who swears by it. Many other folk disagree, but nothing to lose by trying?
Having said that, check that there are no drug interactions before your husband does try it. You shouldn't drink it if you are on statins or warfarin for example. That is also the case for grapefruit juice and pomegranate juice - all should be used with caution.

Otherwise plenty of barley water drinks. Anything to help flush the bladder. Cranberry juice is meant to help prevent bugs sticking to the wall of the bladder.

There is something else that can be taken but i forget what it is, i'll put my thinking cap on ....