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Still no results from scan

Hi, my husband finished his 6 months adjuvant chemo at the end of May, had CT scan 5th June with follow up appointment with oncologist 8th June, at the follow up appointment he saw a stand in oncologist who said the scans were on screen but had not been written up and he was signing him of back to the colorectal surgeon who he now does not see for another month. We have phoned the oncology unit 3 times now, last time being today to be told they are still not available but yet again told they would chase them up. We were expecting a couple of week wait but not four, is they anyone else we should contact, he has never had a named nurse or any one point of contact. Thanks. Chris

Mary S Nurse Advisor

Dear @ Mrs2017
So sorry that you have not been given your results it can sometimes take a few weeks for the report to be written but I think four weeks is a bit to long. You could ask your GP to chase them up for you if your not having any luck with the oncology unit.
Hope this helps
Best wishes


Thanks Mary. Will try GP on Monday