Bowel cancer treatment and side effects

david watt

Not really sure, most UK patients find it difficult to get onto trials at all unless they are being treated at the Marsden or Christie, most hospitals in the UK seem to not be interested. Another news story that applies to female colon cancer patients


Hi @GD62 and @david watt - interesting articles - I would be happy to go on any trials!
Got my letter from Guys yesterday to phone for appointment to see about genetic testing, so shall be phoning on Monday !


Hello @GD62 @david watt @Elmac Agree this is interesting but claim of broad access for all and a democratised system is overstated. I went to the Christie to discuss trials and was informed I would have to travel from Swansea for all tests including routine blood work twice a week. This was not practical and I believe if broad access was a priority there would be greater efforts at collaboration between the specialist centres and local hospitals to manage tests that could be done locally. On the plus side the trial oncologist was very frank and advised the trials included drugs never before used on humans and that I should not get my hopes up regarding new drugs or immunotherapy for bowel cancer. She more or less encouraged me to get back into standard therapy. Ultimately there is a risk as well as a potential benefit for a patient submitting to a trial of new drugs. In that sense I feel this article should have presented both sides.


I have mixed feelings about clinical trials...ultimately that is where advances will be made, but on the other hand the chances of them offering any meaningful help to cases like mine (Lung and liver mets) are incredibly small. The Royal Marsden were very honest with me on this point and they stated that they have made no significant progress in their clinical trials for advanced Bowel Cancer in over ten years. This is no reason to stop trying but it is very sobering .


Hello @david watt @Skye @WendySue @Elmac Agree with the sentiment that clinical trials access could have been over stated, but lets hope and pray things improve.

Positive healing to all :x::x::x: