Life beyond bowel cancer



I don’t comment on the forum much any more and I must admit to keeping away for a while as I try to move on with my life and get to know the new me.

I faced the real possibility almost 2 years ago after being told I was inoperable, of not seeing my boys grow into the men they are destined to become. I had written my will and planned my funeral. The songs I wanted played and the words I wanted read. I talked to my husband about senior schools for our youngest son, my thoughts for our eldest and how to remember that it was their lives to live and to chose how to live them.

Now as I sit here watching my youngest and his friend laugh and joke in the garden I’m reminded hugely of that time and how my life and the life of those around me has changed.

Last week I had a colonoscopy. The first since they found a friendly 26cm sigmoid tumour. The anaesthetist was so kind and held and stroked my hand throughout. Putting me at ease and making me laugh.

The results from my colonoscopy - all clear.
This week I had a pet/ct and the results - all clear.

After being given the news in February 2016 that I was inoperable i sought a second opinion and I have now been NED for 18 months.

My oncologist scans me every 12 weeks to keep a very close eye on me. I find it a comfort but also rather stressful.

I hope you are all enjoying this lovely weather (my menopause and 29 degrees don’t seem to mix well!) and send you all much love :x::x::x:


Hi @Rach this is fantastic news and I’m so happy for you and your boys. Hope you have found a way of celebrating? I’m just 3 months ahead of you and my scan is on Wednesday. Colonoscopy was clear so I’m praying the scan will be too. Lots of love D :x::x::x::x:

lynn collier

So pleased for you Rachael :x::x:


Wonderful news @Rach

El Ivan

Great news @Rach 😃 :x::x:


Fantastic news @Rach


Thanks so much for your lovely update @Rach. And I totally relate to your change in attitude to life. In many ways I am much happier with my post-cancer life although it is not the ideal way to be forced into having a lifestyle rethink! :x::x:


Such great news @Rach - congratulations!


Yay @Rach, how lovely to read your wonderful happy news! Congratulations!
Clear results and still ned- yeah! Love and hugs 🌺🌸♡


Lovely update @Rach :x::x::x:


What brilliant news @Rach . Love a good ending :x::x:

terri m

Loveky news fot you & your family.. Enjoy the rest of your summer @Rach :x::x::x:


Just read your bio @Rach you really have been through it!! So happy for your wonderful news 😃


@Lisa75 thank you for your lovely message. It’s certainly been a rollercoaster. Much love :x::x::x:


Congratulations Rach ! V well done u 👍! Thank u soooo much for sharing this wonderful news - gives us all encouragement & hope. Enjoy ur celebrations 🎉, love 💖 & hugs 🤗


@Rach what a brilliant positive story. So glad for you. It gives hope and support to others. :x:


@poshbird thank you :x::x::x:


Fantastic news for you. Can I ask who did you go to for your second opinion? @Rach


Thank you @cathymac. I had a second opinion at the LOC in Harley Street :x::x: