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Lady GT

Walking the tightrope

Good evening to all you lovely forumites.
Well, it's two years and four months since His Lordship was deemed inoperable, and nineteen months since the surgery which DID remove his tumour (along with massive peritoneal spread).
And we've just had the unbelievable news that his latest scan shows him to still be NED.

I can't begin to describe the relief and gratitude we feel tonight.
Yes, there is radiation damage. Yes, he has a permanent colostomy. No, his body and our lives will never be the same again.

Once cancer has entered your life, it's like walking a tightrope the whole time. Some parts can be fairly steady, others are distinctly wobbly. But there is always, always the danger that you might fall off.
For now, Lord GT and I get to keep putting one foot in front of the other.

So to anybody who is in the middle of treatment and feeling overwhelmed by it all, there CAN be hope. Dig in, keep going, keep hoping
And to all those of you who helped ME when I was distintly overwhelmed, thank you.

I'm not here on the forum as often as I used to be ... all part of the 'moving on' process I suppose. But I am endlessly grateful for the support I received and it's good to see that continue here.

Love to all of you.


So pleased to read your news @Lady GT . These positive stories mean so much to all of us. :x::x:


What a fantastic update @Lady GT !


I've just seen this but what fantastic news :x::x::x:


Great news ! Keep up the good work ! Thanks for sharing; most encouraging :x:


Lady GT what a brilliant lot of news. I like you, don’t come on her as much but I love it when I read a positive post like yours. :x:


@Lady GT this is amazing news! It makes me so happy to read stories such as yours and fills me full of hope. My husband is due to start his chemo on Friday. Big hugs to you both and congratulations on fantastic news! :x::x:


That is marvellous news..I am so chuffed for you both. We are waiting fearfully for the first post treatment ct scan results....finished chemo last New year...and reversal of ileostomy 3 and a half months ago. Scan was 3 weeks ago. So scared. Trying to be strong for hubby who is being great! :x::x:

cant believe it

This is wonderful news truly inspirational for me and my husband just starting out on this extremely unwelcome journey, we had bad news after bad news but stories like yours give hope and keep me going for another day , sending warm congratulations hugs :x::x:


Amazing news @Lady GT, I’m over the moon for you :x::x:


Thanks for a blast of good news for all of us @Lady GT We have had a couple of very pleasing scan results after a few very wobbly weeks emotionally
I am so happy for you both
Cath :x::x:


Great news @Lady GT . Love reading these positive stories. So encouraging for the rest of us. :x::x:


Hi @Lady GT marvellous news :)


Helloooo @Lady GT !! So nice to ‘see’ you!! I’m so happy his lordship continues to do well. Music to my ears. I am really liking the tightrope analogy. I feel it is a really good way of describing all of this palava! Lots of love to you both. Angie :x::x::x:


Lovely to read good news @Lady GT. Sending lots of love and best wishes :x::x::x:

Michaels Mum

Such lovely news. Sending love :x::x:


@Lady GT Very happy for you both, you helped me so much two years ago (ha, I'd forgotten my two year anniversary of diagnosis :o). Great advice, just one foot in front of the other. My biggest problem when first diagnosed was trying to "eat the whole elephant" all at once.


Fabulous news @Lady GT - has made my day 🙂 :x::x::x::x:


Good news and good advice @Lady GT :x::x:


@Lady GT brilliant news. I don’t come on here as much now but remember your early journey, good wishes. :x::x::x: