Life beyond bowel cancer


A Year on

I thought I was doing well on the anniversary of my diagnosis. it was all going so well until the melt down when I went to bed. Even called in sick the next day.
Its been going so well since I found out, please listen to the ones who know on here, their advise is the best . Its so scary when you find out but once you've found this site things arnt as bad as first thought.
I check in every day looking at all the post, I dont comment because I cannot answer as well as these lovely people.
It might be the hot weather, it might be the beer but right now Im so glad of this site, you havent failed me.
My dreams of winning the lottery have been replaced by a dream of an email with the cure, just a dream.
Never give up, please.

Doug :x::x::x::x::x::x::x:


We are a year on since diagnosis in 3 weeks and what a year!! Sending you love and strength, and never ever give up :x::x:


Sending positive healing and hugs 🤗👍❤️