Stage 4 bowel cancer

Polly 1

Left or right? ...just interested

Just reading on another post about expecting spread to the liver first if left sided original bowel cancer.

I just wondered if this applied to the stage 4 people on this forum?

My husband C's cancer was left side and must have spread to liver first (although they kept saying it wasnt cancer just 'keeping an eye on it') then moved onto his lung. A PET scan then confirmed spread to both.

For those with spread to 'just' lungs was your original cancer tumour on your left or right side?


@Polly 1 I was surprised when I read this as my cancer was left sided and spread confined to lung nodules which remains the case (fingers crossed) five years on from surgery.


@Polly 1 . Right ascending colon ,
Spread to liver :x:


@Polly 1 i was interested when i read this too as its not something i have heard before. Charlie had a rectal cancer, facing to the front and slightly right (i believe). He had a lung met on diagnosis, in the bottom of the left lung. EMVI positive and 3/25 lymphs. Since July 2017 there has been no signs of any other disease and no one has suggested he is more at risk from liver mets than lungs or peri, he is at risk of all, and classed as high risk
I`d be interested to hear what others say about this.
I did read somewhere that a tumour in the rectum had more chance of going to the lungs first and if it was bowel it could be liver and then lungs, but i`m not sure this is fact. :x::x::x:


Mine was left sided peritoneal and liver👍Just like me to be different 😇❣️


Mine is left - Sigmoid. Extensive spread to liver, but nodules discovered in lungs as well. Now bone met on my scalp!


Mine sigmoid
I think it's left had.was already in liver at diagnosis nodules on lung bit no change there
Another lesions on liver but lot people have these of little concern.


Mine was right side and met was in the liver @Polly 1 :x::x:


@Polly 1 right sided hemicolectomy, lung mets at 1 year ct, liver mets at 2 year ct. :x::x::x:


@Polly 1 my husbands was on the left in 2016 and now has 2 lung nodules on the right lung and 1 on the left. Nothing showing on the liver yet....everything crossed :x::x:


@Polly 1 Johns was left side & spread to liver & lung :x: