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Driving with 5fu pump

Dear Nurse,
I hv just completed my second dose of Folfiri, which, thus far, I seem to be tolerating pretty well.
I keep meaning & forgetting to ask chemo nurses if i’m allowed to drive whilst I hv 5fu pressurised pump attached to portacath, or indeed whilst undergoing chemo at all.

I would also value & appreciate ur advice on whether there is anything at all I can do to boost my wbc as I am not allowed Filgrastim injections this time around following v severe allergic reaction (Sweets Sundrome) after Folfox in 2013.
With thanks

Mary S Nurse Advisor

Glad to hear that your tolerating your second dose of Folfiri. Regarding your driving I am sorry but I don’t know the answer to that so the best person to advise would be your chemo nurse. Regarding improving your wbc unfortunately there really isn’t anything you can do to increase them.
Kind regards