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anemia - are you still able to have chemo

My mum is anemic but am not sure if this is down to chemo or the hernia op she had in October... we only found this out after she had a reaction to chemo and had a cardiac arrest.

Is it possible that this can correct and will she still be able to have chemo ?


Hello @smiggs05, so sorry to hear that your mum is having a rough time. Anaemia is not uncommon during chemo and people often have transfusions to bring count back up, and then go onto have chemo, - although it will depend on the cause. Your mum’s oncology team should definitely discuss the options with your mum though as they may well decide to change her chemo as she has had a serious cardiac reaction to one type. Hope this helps even though my response is a bit like ‘it depends’ ......, take very good care, Kim :x:


Hi @smiggs05 I had a slight iron deficiency anaemia and still had capox chemotherapy last year, and I would suggest contacting 'Ask the Nurse' or your clinical cancer nurse at the hospital. It may depend as there is a range of values and if it's only slight and no clinical significant risk then chemo may go ahead as it did in my case, but if it is worrying low perhaps not.

Positive healing to all :x::x::x:


Thanks for reply’s

My mums bloods have always been fine it seems since the hernia repair everything has gone down hill...

Mum had a blood transfusion on 18th May and had to have another one on weds when we went to see oncologist he admitted her in to have blood transfusion. My mum has only one chemo session in almost a year (March which gave her the cardiac arrest but looking at blood levels her blood was 77. They have always been high 80’s low 90’s on pervious Chemo treatment. The chemo will most likely be out her system so it can’t be that which is making this issue it’s got to be the hernia they said her iron is down

Also the tumour has grown 2cm in a year, but 1cm in 4 months the tumour is pressing on her uterus tube causing a blockage in her kidney oncologist wanted a stent in but they won’t do this as she is not allowed a general anaesthetic because of the cardiac arrest we was going for another op to have a tube in the back and Our oncologist told them to stop at the last moment