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Desert Island Discs What Would Be Your Favourite Three Song Or Albums to Help Mindfulness..?

Hi Folks

What three albums, music or songs, and don’t forget the record player and Multi-tool, would you bring onto your island of mindfulness to help you relax and help calm, inspire and comfort you during the ups and downs of your bowel cancer journey? Maybe something by the Cure 😊. Whether it’s arty farty, rock and roll, classic or pop…. Let us know.

The The...This is The Day

Antonio Vivaldi - Giustino
Aria of Anastasio

Vedrò con mio diletto
l'alma dell'alma mia
Il core del mio cor pien di contento.
E se dal caro oggetto
lungi convien che sia
Sospirerò penando ogni momento...
I will see with joy,
the soul of my soul
heart of my heart full of content.
And if from my dear object
I be far away
I will sigh, suffering every moment...

Jean Rondeau album ‘Vertigo’ , of Jean Phillipe Rameau’s Les Sauvages

Positive healing mind, body and soul to all :x::x::x:


Great choice @GD62. I play this and feel calm and thankful.


I love this post @GD62 and you’ve really started something as I have started rummaging through my old vinyl. My choice would be Don’t Give Up by Peter Gabriel with Kate Bush and then to lift me from melancholy the Royal Family’s take on Mambo No 5
Sorry but not sure how to add links for music


Definitely anything and everything by Neon Waltz ( and not just 'cos my son plays the keys but because they are so good!) and especially Dreamers and Heavy Heartless. They were supporting Noel Gallagher this weekend at Scarborough and Greenwich so exciting times for the lovely lads from John 'O' Groats!
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