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Dad's Post-chemo scan - anxiety

Hi everyone, Sorry I haven't been on here for a while, I think I've been in a state of denial and anticipatory grief. I feel that I have changed as a person, I am fearful and anxious all the time since my Dad's diagnosis even though the results so far have been positive. After his first round of chemo, the consultant said my Dad's tumour had shrunk from a stage 3 to a stage 1, and it seemed to be removed successfully. So after Christmas he started to gain weight and improve, but then after 3 lots of chemo infusions as well as daily capecitabene tablets, he started to lose a lot of weight as he wasn't digesting anything properly, and all food and drink was going straight through to his stoma. He was hospitalised and eventually managed to put the weight back on and since then has been coping pretty well, even going back into work a bit. He was taken off the infusions after that and has just been taking the tablets, but I worry that the tablets alone won't be enough to fight off any lymph nodes he might still have floating around, even though the surgeon thought they had got everything. I am also concerned as he has been under considerable stress as my grandmother (his mother) has been ill and he has had to organise taking her into a care home, and selling her house etc., driving 3-4 hours each time to sort it all out. She doesn't know he has cancer. I fear the stress may have made the treatment less effective - even though that probably sounds silly. He is now nearing the end of his post-surgery chemo, and is pretty tired again, and his liver tests came back with some concerns - I am hoping because of the toxicity of the chemo and not that the cancer has spread there. Does anyone else have experience of this?

Anyway he had a scan last week and will get the results back tomorrow and I am absolutely terrified it will be bad news - I don't think I can cope if it is -if they do see the cancer has come back is that the end? I feel so ill all the time, I have a burning heart and panic attacks every night - sorry if it sound selfish to be talking about myself feeling ill, everything just hurts too much. I'm so scared something bad will happen to someone else in my family and terrified of having accidents, and I've become totally safety conscious when I've never been before. I am also due to travel as part of my work in October but I am scared to get on a plane, particularly as it is a long flight and then when I'm there I'm scared for my safety and about being homesick as I am scheduled to be away for two months. I used to be an adventurous person but I don't recognise myself anymore. Has anyone else experienced these types of feelings? I feel like I'm going mad and feel so selfish for not just pulling myself together.

Sorry for this rambling message - my main concern is that they are doing this scan before his treatment has finished. It was scheduled from the beginning of his chemo plan, but because he was in hospital he had a break from the pills, but they have decided to stick to the original schedule and do the scan now, if that makes sense. I'm worried that they are doing it now rather than at the end because they suspect his irregular liver results mean that the cancer has spread there.

Any advice much appreciated as ever. :x:


Sooo soz to hear that u r struggling with anxiety at this time, but it seems completely understandable to me. Do u hv a good GP who u could talk to about your feelings? Or a Macmillan manager or Volunteer?
V best of luck with scan results tomorrow; pls keep us posted :x:


Thanks very much Joan, I have booked a GP appointment on Friday so I hope they will be able to help. I will keep you posted on the results :x::x:


Hello Katie. ..I understand how you feel sweetheart. ...totally ! My husband is due his first ct scan in August after all his treatments..chemo...reversal of stoma etc and I am so worried! His first pre op ct showed no mets...and he was a stage 3 with 2 out of 17 lymph nodes involved...all removed with sigmoid colectomy. Chemo followed..4 rounds of oxI and capacetamine ... (?)spelling! I just praying all will be well. Awful awful awful! He is philosophical. ..wish I was the same. Be strong...the doctors will look after them. My hubby is 74. Lots of love. :x::x:


Hi @katies, I feel certain you are suffering from health anxiety. I had it after my mum died and now my son is suffering attacks of it since my diagnosis. It’s all very understandable, and there is help out there and ways to help you cope. Please ask your GP. Love D :x::x::x::x:


It's good to know there is help out there - I will read about health anxiety - I'm so sorry we are all going through this - I hate this horrible disease.
Dad went for his results this morning but the consultant said they hadn't arrived yet - not sure where they are! So he has to go in again next week. But they have told him that they have made a decision to stop his chemo now as they don't think one more round will make a difference, so hopefully that is a good sign and means his bloods indicate that all is clear. As you say abergirl we have to trust in the doctors. I feel relieved for him that he will have a break, but don't think I'll be able to fully relax until we find out about the scan, I'm in the habit of being anxious so it's hard not to feel on edge.
love to you allxx


Everything is crossed for your lovely Dad....I try to be positive too...but maybe we are over thinkers! ! Someone once said that worrying is a total waste of energy and time...and doesn't change a thing! Now I need someone to tell me how to stop!! Love to you too.:x:


Oh no, more waiting for results...
So plsd you’ve made an appointment to c ur Gp in the meantime.
Best wishes to both ur dear Dad & to you :x:


Hi @katies

So sorry that your dad is still having to wait for results. But things all sound very positive. Hope you are feeling a bit calmer too. Take care :x::x: