Stage 4 bowel cancer

lucy liu

Immune therapy and target therapy

My sister has had colon rectal cancer. Now it has spread on her spine and pelvic area. She can’t walk. I would like to help her to try target therapy and immune therapy as her body is very weak. I wonder if anyone in the forum has any level of experience on it?




So v sorry to hear that your dear sister is feeling poorly.
I’m afraid I don’t have any experience of either of those treatments, but this is a fantastic community & IF any other members do, they will try to help & support u.
Thinking of u & ur sister & wishing you both all the v best :x:


Dear Lucy, sorry to hear about your sisters diagnosis. All our worlds have been rocked by similar news and I hope you find solace in a shared story and hope on the forum where people so willingly share tips and advice and warm wishes.

My partner was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer in Feb, we were shattered by the news. He asked not to know the prognosis as everyone is so different and he is determined to do everything he can to get to healthy living despite his inoperable diagnosis due to mets in liver and lighting up all over his abdominal area. He is on folfori and cetuximab, has cut out all sugar is trying to follow alkaline diet and other supplements etc and also trying to exercise to stay on top of fatigue.

There are definitely down times and I've never been more scared in my life but people and they bodies do strange and wonderful things we are all different so try stay positive and don't necessarily believe any thing about timeframes etc...

We have recently heard the treatments are working it's shrinking so though scared still, it's a real positive. Getting help on here is brilliant I find just reading other people's stories so inspiring I hope you do too :x::x:


Hi @lucy liu

So sorry to hear about your sister. It will be very hard for any of us to give you advice without knowing previous history of your sister and what treatments she has already tried. Also are you based in the UK. Is she being treated on the NHS?

I don't think that targeted therapies or immunotherapies will be any better though for her weak body. They still affect the body in a negative way and you can have serious side effects from them too.

My advice to you would be to seek a second opinion if you are not happy with what your current oncology team are doing.

Everyone is entitled to a second opinion and depending on where you are based we may be able to help and give more advice.

Sorry I can't be any more helpful.

Tiffany :x:


Hi @lucy liu

Sorry to hear abut your sister. What treatment has she had? Only her oncologist can tell you whether she is suitable for Targeted therapies or immunotherapy as not everybody is. Always take list of questions with you to oncology meetings and this is one of the questions you need to ask. Whereabouts is your sister being treated?

Love and best wishes to you both :x::x: