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Hello, My husband has had a ileostomy done 10 days ago and just finished a course of antibiotics from the hospital. He still very tired and goes hot and cold, is this common with cancer. We are just waiting for an appointment with the oncologist. Are most people well when they see the oncologist and once treatment starts ie chemotherapy will he start on the road to feeling better

Charlotte Nurse Advisor

Dear @JulieM106,

Thank you for your post.

I am assuming from the details you have given that your husband has just had the ileostomy formed and not had the tumour removed yet? Is the plan to give him radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy first?

Cancer in itself does not necessarily cause fevers but the main indicator of whether or not he has an actual infection is his temperature i.e. does he have a raised temperature and also his blood results which are abnormal in the presence of infection.

All this will be checked by the oncologist at the consultation. A full assessment will be made and treatment started if the oncologist is happy that he is well enough.

As far as how he will feel once he has started treatment that is very different from person to person. Some people cope very well with chemo whilst others do find it makes them very tired and they can suffer from side-effects. The oncologist and nurse specialist will go through what the potential side-effects may be. I can't comment further as this is different depending on what drugs he is prescribed.

I'm not sure if you have seen any of our literature but I have copied a link to our booklet Treatment Your Pathway. This outlines the possible treatments for bowel cancer and may contain some information you find useful.

With kindest regards,