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New info - anyone know what it means?

My brother has recently been given some more technical info about his cancer. I wonder if anyone knows what it means? All I knew before was that he was KRAS mutant, which meant he couldn't have some stuff like Cetuximab.

He now knows that his tumours are what’s referred to as MSI-low, or Mis-Match proficient.

He noted this from the last appointment with his onc: I hope this is accurate. "It seems my type is likely to respond better to conventional chemotherapies whereas people who are MSI-high do not. But they are more likely to be helped by the new immunotherapy treatments with their in-built ‘bio-markers’ to help the body’s own immune system find and target the cancer. Because I am MSI-low I am relying more on the existing conventional treatments until they bring out some new immunotherapies which are suitable for MSI-low/MMR-proficient tumours."

Can you offer any further insight?

Jane SH Nurse Advisor

Dear @CD1966
Thank you for your post.
My advice is for you and your brother to ask his medical team - the oncologist and nurse specialist - to explain what this means and what treatment options are available in light of this information.

Make a note of your concerns and any questions you want to ask to take with you.

With best wishes

Jane S-H
Nurse Advisor


Many thanks.