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Blood spots and aching legs...

This is a new one on me...I will be honest in that I have had to really overdo it the last few days with work but this evening I looked down and my feet and lower calves were covered in what looked like blood spots. They didn't hurt or itch but my legs really hurt if I stand still, once I sit down with them up they are fine. I rang the unit who said to keep an eye for a few hours, well they aren't any better but no worse either. Looking up online it sounds like low platelets which I have had before. Has anyone ever had or heard of this :x::x:


Hi @Stillme I’m so sorry I can’t offer any advice as I have never heard of this before. How are your legs today? If they are just the same I think you should let someone look at them for you. Hope you get some answers and you feel better soon, love D :x::x::x::x::x:


Thanks Diane - it's weird that no one else has had it, ive looked on line and it does state low platelets and lots of people have had it which reassured me a bit. We checked during the night and it wasn't worse and my legs are less red today, I rang the unit again just to be safe and after answering all her questions ie nothing else is wrong she was happy for me to wait for my blood test Friday and just rest :x::x:


Hi @Stillme - I have had similar red spots on my arms and chest, but just thought it was an extension of the red hands. Had subsided in colour a little this free week Had my blood test on Monday and due at Cancer Clinic this afternoon to collect my 3rd cycle of Capcitabine tablets, so will check about the platelets whilst there.