Stage 4 bowel cancer


Peritoneal mets, bowel stent and now permanent ascites drain

As you can see from the title, in a bad place. Husband diagnosed with bowel cancer March 17, minor liver and extensive peritoneal mets. No surgery for any as diagnosed as palliative chemo only. Has done round 1 chemo, growth on 6 week break with bowel obstruction...hospitalised but no intervention. Given 3-6 months. 2nd line chemo 6 months later stable. 1 month break hospitalised with obstruction, extensive peritoneal growth and primary colon growth. Stent fitted in hepatic flexure. All better but now ascites...hospitalised and waiting for permanent drain. Started on 3rd line chemo Lonsurf. Guessing he is at end of life as doctors asked who to contact in our palliative team..🙁☹️


Ooh sorry for u both .I'm palliative care but they say I'm still at good end don't always feel it .don't think I'll ever have surgery but there aim is to control . was think I need. Think a bout pain relief still managed by paracetamol m ibuprofen can move to codine next they used to upset stomach but guess it's different now . were off holiday now UK break to create memories I accept that my sell by date is shorter than I'd like but so lots and they don't know we get chance do big bucket lists and not worry bout small things .it's very difficult for partni and I feel bad I've created all this shit for my poor hubby we were planning just before diagnosis how many hours me cut down was full time .he was just on point retirement self employed so has remained working part time ? Think he stop after this year he's tired and obviously want spend time together but that could be years .hope you have good network family friends support you I have .itry councilling once it's not for fore at moment . keep strong this site is invaluable to me .hope hubby is comfortable.i have very swollen tum mostly fat I've never asked of acsites painful sometimes could be lots trapped wind but on heartburn meds all time so fingers :x::x::x::x:


I'm so sorry to read your post @Radfordh

It sounds like you've both been through a particularly tough time since he was diagnosed last year and it's not fair! I don't really have any words of wisdom but just wanted you to know I'm thinking of you both. There have been some good responses reported with Lonsurf so please don't lose hope. Do you have family and friends around who can support you both?

Sending loads of love and best wishes,



So sorry and very sad to read your post this morning @Radfordh. The things patients and loved ones face after diagnosis is so hard and painful. I pray Lonsurf works for your hubby, sending lots of love Diane :x::x::x::x::x:


Thinking of you both @Radfordh . It must be miserable for your husband and so frustrating for you, that he is stuck in hospital feeling uncomfortable. I hope you can get a good palliative care team to get a plan together as soon as possible. :x::x:


Hi @Radfordh I’m so sorry. One of our friends @LankyYankee and another can think of @KenC having great results Lonsurf. Quite a few good results from Avastin which isn’t on NHS. Is that an option? Is hubby any mutation eg could he have cetuximibab which is on nhs? :x::x:


Thanks everybody for responding, fingers crossed Lonsurf helps a bit. He had 27 pints 14ish litres drained today but they never left a permanent drain in because peritoneal growth is aggressive and they were worried it would grow over tube!! His tumour was tested and he was able to have Panitumumab as part of his first line chemo (irinitocan/5FU pump).second line Oxiliplatin and capecitabine. Not looked at Avastin but will do, thanks again all :x: