Bowel cancer treatment and side effects


Here we go again!!

Posted last week after hubby had camera for his heart valve. PET scan results for the lung nodes given by the cardiologist as no one else had bothered. He said they were not nasty, not cancer, all clear. Valve 4-6 month wait. Saturday hubby had a bad pain in the left arm which did not clear and he was sweating. I rang 999 who arrived and he had to go to hospital. Blood tests revealed it was not a heart attach and they also did a chest x ray, everything ok and we were allowed home. Monday had a return to the bowel surgeon who ordered up the PET scan for a followup. Hubby came out stressed out. Bowel surgeon said the nodes need a biopsy and he is not sure if they are cancer as they were a "signal on the PET scan". Hubby told him what the cardiologist had said and he did not seem to agree and now we have to see respiratory for this biopsy. Surely the chest xray would have shown if there was any lung cancer? No chemo was given as everything was clear on histology of the tumour. The cardiologist was not in the least worried and said whatever these nodes are they are not cancer and the heart op can go ahead, with a wait of 4-6 months. I am now thoroughly stressed out and tearful once again. We were just about to plan a much needed break but now this. Does anyone have any thoughts please? :x::x::x::x::x:


Hello @patti

This sounds incredibly stressful and I sympathise with you both. I am not medically qualified but it's my understanding that chest x-rays aren't the best at detecting lung cancer and that scans are much better. Hopefully someone with expertise will reply to you. The waiting times are really awful - at least if everything happened more quickly there would be answers. Saying 'try and keep calm' is not much help though I was tempted to say that because stress makes things worse and leads to a kind of paralysis where it's impossible to do anything.

My suggestion is that you put these fears and questions to a professional, i.e. specialist nurse, in a very direct manner. Best wishes to you.