Wellness during and after treatment


Feeling in limbo

Had my surgery on the 17th January cancer the size of a grapefruit and after many infections and being in intensive care for 10 weeks including an induced coma for 5 days I finally left hospital Easter weekend. I have a permanent stoma and have good support from my nurse but after tests and scans including a pet scan I am being told it’s going to be a long journey but everything is looking okay I will need chemotherapy at some stage but at the moment there’s no rush as I 2 wounds that they would like to heal themselves not sure how long all this will take


Hi @friedaB - welcome to the forum,you will find it a great help to be able to ask questions and get answers from those of us on the C-journey. Sounds like you have had a pretty intensive time over the last 6 months. Being in limbo is the worst part, waiting to heal, waiting for results etc, but your body does need a rest before it can begin the next phase of treatment. Be positive, enjoy the sunshine and live life to the full


Hello @friedaB

What a horrible time you have had! The time between operation and chemo, as you say, is difficult to deal with. But it makes a lot of sense for your body to be stronger before you start the next part of the treatment journey.

So concentrate on getting your diet sorted out (healthy but with little treats ) and building up your physical strength. Now is a good time to catch up with friends too. Also, make time to recover emotionally after all you have been through. Keep a diary of your progress because you might find it seems frustratingly slow.

Best wishes :x::x:


Thanks for all your suggestions my diet is weird one portion of fruit or vegetables a day and then eat the most unhealthy diet you can meat and loads of carbs! How I long for broccoli or sprouts :x::x:


Hi @friedaB you have had a difficult time. My husband had his operation and was in hospital for 7 weeks- click on my profile if you want to read more. You have already had some great advice from Lizalou and Elmac and I am sure more will be along. When do you see your oncologist? I am sure I am teaching you to suck eggs, but before then write down any questions as you think of them, and don’t be afraid to ask any questions here, no matter how trivial or silly you think they may seem. Hopefully someone will go with you to the appointment to write things down, if not another piece of advice is to record the meeting on your phone.
Have you an ileostomy or a colostomy? I ask that because I know the diet for an ileostomy can be a little restrictive. You mentioned longing for broccoli, have you been told not to eat that? Nev is now back to eating that and he has had no problems- I just make sure the stems are quite short!
The wait seems endless but keep positive and have faith in your medical team.
Love Caroline.