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hi, my partner had a colostomy prior to having 5 weeks of chemo/radiotherapy, he always had a little discharge from his bowels, but since finishing the radiotherapy there has been an increase in discharge from his bowels.. is this normal.. and what is the discharge please.

Charlotte Nurse Advisor

Dear @mandajayne,

Yes, this is entirely normal. The radiotherapy causes the tumour and the surrounding tissue to become a little inflamed and swell. This is a normal reaction to the treatment. When the bowel wall becomes inflamed it can produce mucus and also it can bleed a little from time to time.
Because the treated area is low down in the rectum it is entirely normal to pass some of this mucus and blood out through the rectum.
The effect of radiotherapy continues long after the treatment has completed so he can expect this to go on for some weeks.

With kind regards,