Bowel cancer treatment and side effects



hi, my partner had a colostomy prior to having 5 weeks of chemo/radiotherapy, he always had a little discharge from his bowels, but since finishing the radiotherapy there has been an increase in discharge from his bowels.. is this normal.. and what is the discharge please.


Hello @mandajayne We were told its just natural moisture like saliva in your mouth
It helps poo travel along the bowel we dont notice it normally as it comes out with the poo
Following Radiotherapy the insides get burns like the outsides
As long as its not very bloody or smelly its normal
Cath :x::x:


hi @mandajayne..katie r is correct it is a pest and weird to start with but iv found like everything else u get used to it...for some it disappears im post op 14 weeks and its still ongoing...good luck :x::x: