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We have had threads on here in the past in which people have spoken about their pets/animals and posted photos and written about how much difference they make to them and help them through. I've been searching but I can't find these threads so hope no one minds me starting another and can I say, really looking forward to seeing any photos!
Dolly Mixture went to a show yesterday. I spent hours on Friday bathing her and getting her all poshed up, applying various lotions and potions (although I could not quite get her tail to go bright white)! She did really well and got a rosette for 3rd in her class. I was so proud!( Not me riding but her trainer)! I've loved horses all my life and don't suppose I'll ever change now, nor do I want to, if I'm honest. They really helped me with cancer and Dolly is an utter sweetheart and gives kisses.
We're doing it all again next Saturday and I'm under instruction to wash the tail several times this week so must try harder!


Hi @Stella 2020 - yes, they're from the same litter. :)


@Gypsy dolly was meant to be ❀️ How lucky we all are with our friends ❀️


Took this the other day while out on a dog walk...
Hawk feet 😊

Quote from @Stella 2020:
I was on a cruise where orca was seen for quite a while. But where was I? On a tour of engine room with my husband as he is such an engineer πŸ˜’.

That's made me laugh out loud πŸ˜‚πŸ³πŸ€“ I'm married to an engineer too xx
Hope you're doing OK


@Ddd wow the colours are amazing ❀️ I laughed too much at this, busmans holiday πŸ˜‚ mine always involve an auction mart πŸ˜‰


Oh @JillyD your very own wolf ❀️ Lucky girl, gorgeous :x::x:


@Ddd, that photo is simply amazing- wow!


@Ddd - what an amazing picture!

Quote from @Gypsy:
We had a golden eagle fly over the village yesterday
Nothing evokes Scotland more than a golden eagle,
Any pussy cat living here will need to watch out!


Lovely pic of Mischievous Misty & Jaunty Jack @jupiter20 !

What a majestic mane your Dexter's got @JillyD ! One of the landscapers who repaid my lawn had a HUGE version of Dexter who was like a Lion, always staying within 5 feet of him!

WOW, @Ddd ! That is an amazing shot!


Stop taking pictures !


For anyone who might like a horse fix! My friend posted her GoPro videos onto You Tube.
She lives at the top of the hill from me and this is where we both cut about.
Fresh as....


Avoiding the ice

Me and my shadow

Running in wellies



Love this :)

Here's spencer our Chihuahua, with a big personality. With everything that's been going on lately I feel so guilty, on odd occasions forgetting to give him his own medication. He's annoying at times but fiercely loyal
Yoda my beautiful tortie, she's getting on with age but she's equally loyal and has been comforting me regularly
Finally we have Moana, shes a cheeky bugger keeps bouncing on Yoda and likes to wrestle with Spencer.


They are all so beautiful and must bring great joy and comfort constantly @pucca1314 :x::x::x::x:


Oh my days, what a gorgeous trio 😍🐾🐾🐾 sending them all a kiss

Quote from @Gypsy:
They are all so beautiful and must bring great joy and comfort constantly @pucca1314

Joy and comfort yes definitely! Albeit they can be troublesome so despite only them and just hubby and me, our household is far from quiet

Quote from @Ddd:
Oh my days, what a gorgeous trio 😍🐾🐾🐾 sending them all a kiss

Thank you :) they are gorgeous aren't they? πŸ˜›

Stella 2020

@pucca1314 , such cute fur babies! What breed are the cat? Exotic short hair and Birman?