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We have had threads on here in the past in which people have spoken about their pets/animals and posted photos and written about how much difference they make to them and help them through. I've been searching but I can't find these threads so hope no one minds me starting another and can I say, really looking forward to seeing any photos!
Dolly Mixture went to a show yesterday. I spent hours on Friday bathing her and getting her all poshed up, applying various lotions and potions (although I could not quite get her tail to go bright white)! She did really well and got a rosette for 3rd in her class. I was so proud!( Not me riding but her trainer)! I've loved horses all my life and don't suppose I'll ever change now, nor do I want to, if I'm honest. They really helped me with cancer and Dolly is an utter sweetheart and gives kisses.
We're doing it all again next Saturday and I'm under instruction to wash the tail several times this week so must try harder!


Thank you @jj.

Here's another....couldn't resist!

Karen xxxx


Oh wow, I have only just looked and so many lovely photos to enjoy! Thank you all so much!:x::x::x:


@Baxter2 Gosh she is sooo cute :x::x:


Thank you @Lexi!



For sad reasons, my Dolly has now moved to new livery and my long association with the croft has ended. I'm looking at it as a new beginning though and after the usual few unsettled days, my Dolly is happy and integrated with her new little group of friends. Her best pal is another little Dolly and they are well chummed up so it is two Dollys against the world! There is also a Molly in the field as well so I'm now waiting for Polly to arrive next!
Anyway, me and my Dolly have been enjoying exploring our new surroundings and going on long rides out which she is absolutely loving doing. Beautiful countryside and daffodils and lambs- could not ask for more.
This was us this morning.


Ah lovely. Tried to send some of Maggie


@BrendasBaby2 , she is utterly gorgeous and so sweet amongst the bluebells. Thank you for posting it. Hope you are feeling a bit better now. :x::x::x::x:


Thanks. Home from hospital. The specialist couldn't feel the bowel lump anymore which I think is good and removed a lot of uterine polyps which may have caused the vaginal bleeding. But I am still having a CT scan on Thursday to look at my bowel re the weight loss and bleeding so fingers crossed :x::x:


A beautiful day in the far north. Dolly and I were out all day and rode for miles. Dolly and her new friend Fudge were all loved up!

terri m

How beautiful @Gypsy .. The weather hete in exeter has been awful all day.. Keep meaning to go horse riding again. Havent been in years.. Abit afraid to be honest after the bowel op, but put it on my to do list👍. Such a great picture :x::x::x:


... such a tough life ...


Lexi chilling


Gorgeous pictures- makes you feel good to see them. :x::x::x:


Absolutely love this thread :x::x:


This is Fudge, who was 21 (human) years old last week. We got her for my daughters 10th birthday and she will be 31 next month so they have been partners in crime for 21 years. This photo was taken last week,so she’s looking good! xx

Diane Marie

Wow 21 and so cute :x:


She certainly is looking good @palace1960 . It's a great photo, capturing her beautiful eyes. :x::x::x:


Here’s Digger supporting Watford in the FA cup semi final on Sunday and we won. We couldn’t go to Wembley as Chris too ill, so Wembley came to us - all our flags out! Digger getting into the spirit. Totally amazing game. C’mon you ‘Orns! Man City in the final - aaaah!


Great photo!!!


We did our first hill walk of the year today. It was just lovely and great weather for the hills- not too hot and with a good breeze blowing. There was a big herd of red deer hinds grazing. They seemed not to notice us on the way up but on the way down, the heads were all up and then they ran. I always wish I could tell them somehow that there's no need to run from us but sadly I can't.