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Lung Metastases

Hi, my hubby has just had his first lung resection on his right lung to remove 2 lung nodules and will be having a 2nd resection on his left lung in 3 weeks time. The information hasn't been the best and we were lead to believe that following the operations he would go forward with 4 monthly scans (I think it was 4 monthly). However, the surgeon has now casually mentioned checking to make sure the glands around his lungs aren't infected, but we won't know the results until September. If they're infected I'm assuming he will be referred to an oncologist. Does anyone know if the glands are likely to be infected? Or had a similar experience? Will this likely mean chemo?
Many thanks in advance. :x::x:


Hi @Elizabeth1968 it must be so frustrating how the oncologist has now added this to your worries, and sounds like you needed more of an explanation to help you understand. I’m afraid I can’t be of much help but if anyone on the forum can they will be along with good advice. You could also ask our nurses if you feel you need further assurance. Very best of luck with hubby’s further treatment, hope all goes well. Diane :x::x::x::x:


Hi @Elizabeth1968 i`m so sorry you have this added worry. When my hubby had his lung resection he had some lymph nodes removed at the same time and these were tested for cancer, so i`m not sure if the glands mean lymph or something else? I`m so sorry i can not help, maybe someone else who has had a resection could help? Do you have a specialist nurse you can call? I think it would be a good idea for your peace of mind to speak to someone who can explain what was meant by this. Wishing your hubby tons of luck with the next resection :x::x::x: