When bowel cancer returns


Peritoneal area, pain and weeping.

Hi again
I am new to the site.
Does anyone have recurrent bowel cancer that's shown up in the peritoneal tissue following anal cancer and is now visibly spread I to the outside tissue up to the butt cheeks.
It weeps and is painful. Sitting even with a cushion is uncomfortable.
Is surgery a good option?


Hello @mich52 really sorry to read your post, although I had peritoneal and liver metastasis and awaiting my first post operative CRS/HIPEC scan six month scan results in August. I could not comment if surgery would help except to advise talking with your cancer nurse of posting on the 'Ask Then Nurse' topic area for further information.

Good luck and positive healing :x:


Good luck to you too.


Hello @mich52 and a very warm welcome to the forum!

I'm sorry that I don't have experience of your particular cancer so I'm unable to share any experience with you. I do however, feel for you since this must be absolutely awful for you and difficult to manage (since you can't see the area affected unless with the aid of a mirror?) I'm thinking you mean the perineal area and not Peritoneum? I'd say your best bet is to talk to your consultant and GP. I'm sure the district nurses can offer some practical support and nursing to the area affected since you can't really do this effectively yourself presumably?

I really hope you're able to access the nursing support it sounds like you need. Will you let us know how you get on if you can?

Sending love and my very best wishes,



I will let you know.


Hey there @mich52, that sounds really painful and uncomfortable! I hope you are able to get some pain relief soon.. sending hugs :x::x::x: