Life with bowel cancer


Looking for some information

My dad has just been diagnosed with stage four bowel cancer in his lungs... he has 4 tumours and is starting treatment on Monday, he is getting a stent in his just and will be getting anti bodies pumped into his body his mutation is RAS WILD! Was just wondering if any one has had the same thing and what they felt like with treatment and just wondering was sort of time scale they have been given to live with it! I’m really quite scared and don’t know what to expect my dad is 47 and a very healthy man!


Welcome to the forum, sorry I cant offer any information as I am not familiar with this.
This is a very good forum with wonderful people here, I am sure someone will be along with some advice and support soon.

take care.


Hi @Hello123 ,
I am so sorry about your Dad but the treatment for bowel cancer is good and produces good results in many people and I pray that will be the same for your young Dad. Try not to second guess things- it is pointless really as we are all individuals and hopefully, your Dad will have few side effects from treatment and cope well.
There is a private relatives section on here and you might want to join that if you have not noticed it on here yet.
I will follow your updates on your Dad and wish him very well as he begins his treatment and maybe he might wish to come on here himself in time.