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terri m

Pain in groin & back. Anyone had this? Very worried🤔

Hi everyone .. I have had a dull ache in left groin area, also pain in lower back... It is intermittent pain & almost feels like a period pain. I have been so scared what could be causing this.. I am starting my last cycle of capecitibine on the 30th, & then will have my scan... I am thinking of asking the nurse Monday if I could have the scan brought forward due to this pain.. My bloods have all been fine so far, but I know that some of you on the forum haven't always had reliable CEA bloods to indicate reocurrence... Is pain in the groin common?? :x::x::x:


Good morning @terri m

As you know, it's so difficult to speculate on what these kind of pains could be or what's causing them! The only way to gain the reassurance you need is to raise it with your oncologist as you rightly mention (perhaps via your specialist Nurse) and maybe get the scan earlier if possible?

I'm sure this could be caused by a number of things. I do get backache sometimes but I think it's related to my posture at times (and maybe lack of exercise some days!!) it's not enough to need any painkillers however. Do you need to take painkillers? The other thing you could do is get a GP appointment tomorrow (maybe play the cancer card to try and secure an appointment 😉) it's great that your bloods have been good as you say as long as your CEA is believed to be a good indication of any tumour activity.

I can't say try not to worry. Its much easier said than done BUT remember thoughts are just that, 'thoughts'. They are NOT facts so until you can establish some facts, there's little point in worrying and ruining each precious day because of this. The joys of this cancer rollercoaster we're all on!!

Please let me know how you get on if you can.

Loads of love,

Karen 💜💚💛💙❤️


Hi@terri m,
I am so sorry about the pain. I also think maybe go to the GP as could possibly be a UTI?


Hi @terri m

I've got groin pain and just stopped capox treatment a week ago, had left ileac fossa pain as well but had a scan on 13th July and could well be a UTI as I was peeing pink urine last week. Who knows but sure when I get my scan results on 7th August. As before speak to your specialist team.

Positive healing :x:

terri m

Hi @Baxter2 @Gypsy and @GD62 . I spoke to my colorectal nurse yesterday, regarding my concerns over groin pain... She said she would mention this to my oncologist.. I have an apoointment to see her next monday anyway, so nurse said she may leave it until My clinic appoiontment then.... Pain appears to just come & go.. Thank you for all your reassuring comments .. :x::x::x::x:


Hi Terri m
I have all similar to what you described I do mention it to oncologist she doesn't seem concern just types it all up