Life with bowel cancer


Ct results!! 😭

I've recently had my first annual follow up scan ( it was actually Friday)!! I know it's driving me crazy already - how long for the results?? I thought I would be ok however I would just like the reassurance that my treatment so far has been successful. Also what is the protocol these days for follow up CT Scans?:x::x:


Oh @Michelej, I feel for you. It's the worst time, scanxiety time, isn't it. I can put the dreaded C word to the back of my brain most of the time, but the minute I go for a scan that's it, I am convinced every lump or bump is something dire.

Can you contact your surgeon's secretary to ask for an appointment? I nagged and nagged the poor woman every time. Not sure that approach is recommended but I did get at least one appointment through very promptly!


Thanks @Terrish for your advice I've nagged that lovely lady enough to book my CT let alone call her again!! Xx I will see how it goes I might just wait til the end of the week!! :x::x:


I always speak to my Macmillan nurse who is part of my mdt and they let me know. I usually get the results up to 2 weeks after the scan then see my consultant or get an official letter between 2 and 4 weeks after that. Good luck :x::x::x:


@Michelej - I got my 2 year CT results yesterday after chasing the colorectal nursing team after 3 weeks....hoorah they were clear! I didn't have to have chemo so I am on annual CT scans for 5 years.
I would give it a week and get in touch with your nurse team :x::x:


@Michelej , we rang up a week later and were given results over the phone :x::x: