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Liver Resection Complications

Hi everyone. I don’t post very often but I do read the posts every now and again and think this site is a great support.

My husband (age 45) had his bowel tumour removed early February and was diagnosed with liver mets at the same time. Long story cut short - 4 cycles of Capox which gave a good reduction in the size of liver tumours. Liver surgery last Monday to remove 60% of liver. Was long and difficult surgery (because of near to vein) but was told they did everything they wanted to do.

So there have been a few complication since initially getting out of surgery with bloods being ok. Blood pressure became low and he was taken back into surgery that evening. This was resolved by untwisted the remaining liver that was blocking a blood supply.

Since then his bloods have been up and down. Apparently there’s a part of the remaining liver that isn’t very good (might improve or might die off) while rest is having to work very hard to regulate bloods (and struggling). They’ve now decided to intubate him and heavily sedate as he was getting agitated and confused because of the toxins.

Just finding this a very scary time as it just seems to be a waiting game and lots of hope that his liver will catch up and recover.

Anybody out there had something similar happen? Positive messages much appreciated!!

Love to everyone having a worrying time. :x::x:


Thinking of you tonight @brighty08, hope things are better tomorrow :x::x:


Good morning @brighty08

I feel for you both. This must be a very worrying time. It does sound like the team
are doing everything possible to help support his liver and vital signs. Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions and stay with him as much as you like. I have had a liver resection however don’t have direct experience of this. @El Ivan has the award for liver resection and may well have some advice to offer (hope you don’t mind Ivan?) as well
as the nurses @Charlotte Nurse Advisor. Take good care of yourself and please know that my thoughts are with you both for the difficult days ahead.

Loads of love,



Thinking of you and your husband @brighty08. I hope that things will soon improve and stabilise but how awful and worrying this is for you.:x::x::x:


Thanks everyone @Polly 1, @Baxter2, @Pam and @Gypsy.

Really appreciate your messages of support 😘. So phoned last night and latest bloods - some had improved and some were same. Doctor said yesterday bloods are going up and down - just have to hope they will stabilise and improve soon. Keep reminding myself that he’s young, fit, and his liver should be healthy (no drink/smoking/drugs etc) - don’t know if that helps though. They did say chemo has had an effect on it (even though he only had 4 cycles!).

Waiting to hear what the doctors are saying today (there was talk they might remove the breathing tube but it depend how he reacts). Will go in this afternoon to visit.

I’m only going in once a day as it’s taking me an hour by bus each way because of the festival on at the moment. Takes it’s toll! And yes, I’ve got one or other of my parents staying at the mo.

Thanks again. :x::x::x:

El Ivan

Hi @brighty08 I’m sorry you are going through the mill with all of this. I’ve had a few complications in the past but now thing like a twisted liver that I’m aware of. The confusion I can relate to as I have also experienced this and yes as far as I’m aware that is to do with the toxins in the blood.
It really is a time issue and keeping fingers crossed that things go the correct way. You are no doubt in good hands but it is still a very worrying experience for not just the patient but loved ones too.
Strangely enough I’ve just returned from hospital this evening as I ended up going a lovely shade of yellow last weekend and temperature rocketing, so today they took the stent out bile duct and I’m like a new pin again. That’s a complication 7 months after my last liver resection. It’s a long distance race this one, not a sprint. I sincerely hope your hubby picks up soon and of course you too, don’t forget to look after you! I was 48 when diagnosed and coming up to 53 next week (no cards, just money please) 😂 Best of luck,
Ivan 😃
Thanks for the Tag @Baxter2 and of course I don’t mind that’s what the forum is about isn’t it, sharing experiences. :x::x:


Thanks for this @El Ivan 😉 and Hppy 53rd Birthday next week!



Thinking of you both @brighty08 and hoping that he will stabilise soon.:x::x::x:


Hi everyone. Just to let you all know I think things are improving .... slowly. It’s been a pretty traumatic time with some twists and turns but seems things are heading in the right direction.

He’s had and still has quite a bit of confusion at the moment but am assured that this is normal while the liver stabilises and gets rid of the toxins in the body. This takes time though. I don’t think we were told about this though so it’s a bit of a surprise and a bit scary. He’ll be in hospital for a while yet I think but slowly, slowly getting there.

Anyway, thank you all for your support. And to @El Ivan for your help. That’s reassured me that you’ve been through similar with the toxins. Sorry to hear about your complication but glad to hear it is all sorted now.

Thanks again and will try to post again as recovery continues 🤞🏻🤞🏻 :x::x:


Thinking of u both & hoping that he feels much better soon. Love 💗 & hugs 🤗


That's good @brighty08.:x::x::x:

El Ivan

Yay, good news @brighty08 😃

Charlotte Nurse Advisor

Dear @brighty08,

Just responding to the tag from @Baxter2 and apologies for the slight delay.

It does sound as if things are improving for your husband by the sounds of your recent post which is good and I do hope things continue that way.

I'm not sure how much you remember from the consent procedure prior to your husband's surgery (if you were indeed present during the consent). Whilst every effort is made to avoid complications like this sadly it can occur and as with all the risks and benefits of surgery should have been clearly explained before the operation.

From what you describe it sounds as if he had a major resection and with the added post-op complication the remaining liver as struggled to function effectively. Obviously this has been a critical time and his team have supported him well on intensive care. His age and fitness have certainly helped his body cope with this and I do hope he continues to improve quickly.

With kindest regards,


@Charlotte Nurse Advisor - Sorry I only recently noticed that I didn’t say thank you for your message above. Appreciate it! :x::x:


Update - 14th Nov 18

So after all of the complications above my husband got out of hospital after 3 weeks and has been recovering since then. He’s made a fantastic recovery and says he feel fantastic.

He went for an MRI a few weeks ago (not sure if this is routine after a liver resection or think it’s more to the fact that he’s taking part in a trial to test a new type of mri machine).

Anyway, saw the surgeon yesterday - the first meeting since his surgery on 6th August. So good news is liver has regenerated well BUT there is small strange area (1.7cm) that he is not sure of. Said could be a reoccurrence - what?!

Husband now waiting for a pet scan to see what’s going and possible surgery again. If surgery not possible he said there are other options. Also, said could be something to do with how liver has healed as it is on the resection line so am hoping that this is the case :-/. He wasn’t overly optimistic about this though (the way consultants often aren’t).

Husband is approaching it the way he always has whereas I’m a bit of a mess. Land of uncertainty again :(.

Hope you’re all doing ok and sending love. :x::x:


Hello @brighty08, so sorry to hear about this query on your husband’s liver. This disease is the ultimate roller coaster of emotions isn’t it ........ please let us know how things go, take very good care, Kim :x::x:


Thank you @Lirio345. Will do. :x::x:


I hope he continues to feel fantastic @brighty08 and at least it is such good news that he is so well. In fact, I'm sure it counts for a lot. It certainly is unsettling to have been told this latest news and no wonder you are shaken up by it all. I really hope that the outcome is good on this for him and yes, I don't think that medics are overly optimistic by nature. I wish I could say more to help but do feel for you both.


Thank you @Gypsy. Appreciate your kind words. 👍🏻

Yes I just read that he was just a bit unsure and :-/ about the chance of it being ‘something else’ but he actually was ok as far operating goes. He said all being well we’ll operate again and I’d thats not possible there are other options. Obviously hoping the surgery will be the answer even though it’s not great for poor hubby.

Hope you’re managing ok. :x::x:


Hi @brighty08

Sorry to read your post about liver resection issues. Similarly had a resection which was on the six liver lobe near a major vein, capox had made my liver 'fatty' and there was a bit of liver attached to the gut, so needed to be cut away, plus there was three lesions all under 1cm rather than just the one, but surgeon got it all out and had six month NED. The colon surgeon was not worried about my liver but more concerned about peritoneal spread, equally they are keeping an eye on it but have managed well so far. So fingers crossed and good luck to us both...

Positive healing all :x:


Hi @GD62. Thanks for your good wishes. Glad you’ve had 6 months NED and hopefully many, many more. Sounds like they’re keeping a good eye on you. Take care! :x::x: