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Severe contractions

Ok so every week it’s something new. I’m now almost 5months out from my ileostomy take down. I get these intense waves of intense pressure (no control over them) almost like I am about to pass a giant poo & all I pass is some small mucous or small amount of poo, is this normal? Last night it was continuous for hours & I couldn’t sit comfortably. Anyone ever experienced? Why is this happening? Does it eventually go away/get better?


Good Morning @Eire1967

I’m afraid I don’t have knowledge, experience or advice regarding this but hopefully someone else on the forum will be along shortly who does!

In the meantime you couple perhaps use the little search icon at the top of the page and browse previous posts about this.

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Your symptoms sound very similar to what my mum is going through just now. She’s not really been able to sit for weeks the only real relief she gets is lying down, we went back to the hospital on Tuesday to see her consultant but it would be good to know if this is a common thing