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lorraine grant

Welcome to Scotland, land of early Bowel Screening and free prescriptions. We might be crap at football but we are pretty good at NHS Scotland stuff. 😍


Great news! I've just turned 55 and was sent a letter inviting me for a bowel scope last week. Unfortunately it is all a bit too late for us but good to know that BC is finally being given more attention.


Thats the best news
But we need to get through to people that Bowels Bums and poo are nothing to be embarrassed about
They are part of your body and can be fixed if you dont dilly dally with embarrassment
My husband is a very shy person not good with strangers ~ I am so proud of him because he told me straight away that he had a pain in his bum and he knew it needed fixing
He coped admirably with the examinations The fingers !
The scans The camera
He went out and bought crazy comedy underpants The girls looking after him loved the undies and it broke the ice and stopped him feeling worried or embarrassed especially the Radiotherapy Staff who all love him and his funny pants
He has completely rocked his Colostomy bag and doesn’t care who sees it
He is proud to be fighting this $€¥§&£% lump in his bum
We sometimes have to remind him that its popping out of the bottom of his T shirt in case anyone may be squeamish He doesn’t care at all We are out and about all the time
We bought a really nice sporty lookin man-bag Which he has left behind all over the place Nobody steals it we always get it back ...I dont know why. ??
He has also had Radiotherapy Chemotherapy and a node removed
We are waiting for leg of our journey
We are happy because the folk on here have looked after us and educated us
We are ready ...bring it On
Cath :x::x:


Brilliant news! As @KatieR says just hope people actually do the test no matter how revolting or embarrassing they find the subject! 💩💩💩💩💩💩


Fantastic news :) :x::x::x:

Polly 1

That's great news - now just hope people actually do the test!

I got mine on the Saturday lunchtime. Did the test Sunday, Monday and Tuesday morning and it was in the post by 7.30am Tuesday - still warm 💩 😁



But now I am nagging my poor MP about testing for Lynch Syndrome in our area!


Brill news ! Begged & pleaded for screening kit at 53; wouldn’t now be stage 4 & undergoing further chemo if i’d been diagnosed at stage 1 rather than 3; so relieved others will be diagnosed sooner .

Bear G

This is great news to come through thanks to a long-term campaign from Bowel Cancer UK and headed by a lovely lady called Lauren Backler.
This isn’t just the screening age coming down to 50 but also the introduction of the FIT test to replace the FOB, a much better test that’s also easier to do.
My surgery now does phone follow ups on people who’ve not returned their screening tests, it’s worth asking you surgery if they would do the same. - it saves lives!
Definitely time for celebration - a great win for the charity on behalf of patients


Amazing achievement! Just think of all those peeps, between 50 and 60, that can now be potentially diagnosed at the most encouraging point in a bowel cancer diagnosis 💪🏻! :x::x:


Absolutely brilliant news, I am stage 2 but would have been nice to have it diagnosed earlier as I had no symptoms apart from tiredness. This can only be good news as long as folk use the test.



This is amazing news and so pleased that Welsh Health Minister has confirmed this will be introduced in Wales as well as England.


Great news! Well done 👍 to everyone involved.