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halfway point

well kev finished 25 sessions of radio/chemo 5 weeks ago.. he has his ct scan on 20th august to see if tumour has shrunk so he can have op... its been such a long journey.. which started off in feb with an emergency stoma op.. after finding out low rectal tumour was blocking his bowel.. he is feeling more hopeful and positive.. and is starting to look more human again.. he had problems with his waterworks during the radio.. so had to have a catheter for a few weeks.. but thankfully this has been removed and he can pee properly again phew!!.. so we are slowly overcoming the hurdles


Very well done 👍 u guys; hang on in there.
Wishing u all the v best :x:


That's such good news to read @mandajayne . Hoping for the best for Kev- sounds like he's doing so well in this marathon.


That is good news @mandajayne. I am a few weeks behind -:finished radiochemo 3 weeks ago so following your posts with interest. So good he is feeling more positive and hopeful. Long may it continue! :x:


thanks penjay.. good luck with your treatment too :) :x::x: