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Life with bowel cancer


Watery output

Has anyone had codeine? Do you take alongside loperimide?


Hi @daveswife I have codeine (or co-codamol) for pain but it also helps firm up output. I also take loperimide and both were prescribed by the chemo team so I think there is no problem taking them together. I generally prefer to take codeine at night because it also helps me sleep and a couple of loperimide in the morning if I still have watery output.

I used to need them every day but now it is just when I've eaten a lot of fruit & veg (fibre). Hope this helps :x:


Hi @daveswife , Yes I have both to use together if needed, I try not to take codine unless I have to as it sometimes gives me a fuzzy head. The other brilliant tip a dietician gave me as i couldnt tolorate dioralyte( may be misspelt) was to drink cup a soups to replace lost salts instead, she said they are full of salt. Hugs :x::x::x: