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Today we found out my husband has Bowel Cancer

Hi all,

I’m really just looking for some genera support and advice. My husband had been some issue’s down below for about a year but didn’t tell me or anyone until it became a problem.

After a lot of going back and forth (and being told he didn’t have cancer but colitis) We ended up going private for a second opinion and sadly after his colonoscopy today the consultant advised it was cancer and we have to go back there at 10am tomorrow to find out more.

We have two girls aged 5 & 9, he turned 41 last weekend and I’m 31.

I’m just feeling very much in shock by it all and not sure how to deal with it and very fearful for him.

Just looking to talk to people who have been on this journey and for some support.



Good luck with the appointment today @MrsMoors :x:


Will be thinking about you today @MrsMoors :x::x::x:


@MrsMoors very sorry to hear of your husbands news. This is a very hard time. Keep your strength up and remain positive. We were in a similar situation a month ago. Our father cancer was only found when we requested a colonoscopy after he suffering for over a year. My father found his bleeding got heavier after colonoscopy. Then it settled down after a week or two. Make sure to get blood pressure and blood levels checked if hes losing blood and pale. Keep positive and wishing you all the best in your journey. This forum has helped me when i was feeling lost. Keeping asking doctors questions and do your own research. This has helped me get contrast ct scan for my father. Sending you hugs.
Lisa :x::x:


So we got a fair bit of information today, thanks to you lot and your previous posts it helped me asked a ton of questions. They said they don’t normally grade till removal but they are estimating it’s a T3 emerging into a 4. This is because it appears to have almost broke all the way through but not quite yet. Phew! It’s a big bastard they said!

He’s having an MRI with contrast on Thursday to recheck his liver and it’s adenocarcinoma rectal cancer (is the type) we’re meeting the oncologist on Wednesday but they have said 6 weeks of chemo & radio to shrink then an 8 week wait for a CT to see if it’s worked, then surgery! They think he should be able to have a high anterior resection - they did say however it was highly abrnomal and fast growing, the didn’t know the mutation? But told me to ask the oncologist on weds. That’s sort of where we are at! I’m not sure what else I should be asking so if there’s anything you asked or wish you did please let me know! We haven’t asked the prognosis question as we just don’t want to knownat this stage! X thanks for all your support so far! It’s going very quickly not that it feels like it! :x:


@MrsMoors my father was recently diagnosed with T3 tumour in lower rectal. They told us location and size of tumour. Dad will be starting treatment next week. Chemo tablets along with radiation. We were told T3 tumour was there approximately two years. research and asking questions helped us. Hope you get more information soon.
Lisa :x:


Seems like we are fighting almost identical battles! X I hope it all goes well for you guys. We’re starting treatment next week too!. Because he’s 41 they have classified him as urgent (or so they say) I have no experience of how long these things take! Just keeping my fingers crossed for no spread. :x::x:


I was just going to say that @MrsMoors We have done the radio and chemo Had the MRI CT and PET Scans Going to get the results and find out what op John needs .. on Wednesday Which is why I am still awake .....


@MrsMoors my hubby was diagnosed last year at 39yrs, his tumour was rectal and was a T3c/T4 as it was just about to break through. He did have chemo pre radio as he had a lung met on diagnosis, he then had radio and it obliterated his rectal tumour, so hopefully will do the same for you guys.
Wishing you lots of luck with your scan and meeting with Onc. :x::x::x:


@MrsMoors. I'll be hoping and rooting for a great response to the treatment for your husband as will we all on here. @charleyb's husband has done fantastically well and hope that will be an encouragement too.
All Love Gypsyxxx


Really glad that your husband has a treatment plan @MrsMoors, and hope that this will help you both feel more in control, - I know I did. Stay in touch, Kim :x::x:


@MrsMoors , just wanted to wish you both all the best


Hi @MrsMoors. Also want to wish you all the best. You definitely feel more in control when you have a treatment plan. I am in a similar situation. Finished five and a half weeks of radiochemo ten weeks ago and having scans this week to see next steps although they have already said I will be be having surgery. Good luck with scan also. Very best wishes. :x::x:


Not such positive news today, the oncologist gave us a lot more info. The tumour has gone through and is in a number of Lymph nodes and blood vessels, he said it’s Dukes C. 5 weeks tablet chemo and radio, 8 week wait, scan, surgery then 4 months of IV Chemo! Chemo starts first week of October as they need to do more scanns. Pending outcome of shadow on liver.

Good points, we now have a plan so feel a bit more settled and confident.

Bad news: he said it’s 50/50 if it’s curable, that was a bit of a shock hearing it out loud.

Feel sad again but glad we now what’s happening next. :x:


@MrsMoors , I’m sorry it wasn’t the news you were hoping for , I wish you both all the best for your husbands treatment :x::x::x:


Dear@MrsMoors. I'm so sorry for the shock and sadness you feel that it was not the news you hoped for. However, as you say, there is hopeful stuff in there and here's hoping for a great response to chemo and radio. A number of people on here have had just that. Everything is going to be thrown at this to get rid of it, that's the good thing and just get behind that thought and take it day by day as he goes through the treatment. I've learned to mistrust all the stats both good and bad as have been on both sides of the line in the course of B bowel cancer!!
Love, hope and hugs to you bothxxxxx


Thanks ladies, it’s the lymph nodes that were a bit of a shocker.


I'm sorry to read your latest news @MrsMoors but great that there's now a clear plan ahead!

Sending loads of good wishes,



I’m glad you have a plan in place @MrsMoors. In the initial stages it’s just far far too much info to comprehend. Gentle baby steps to start and once he’s on treatment you’ll feel a bit better. Big hugs :x::x::x:


Sorry you've had that awful news ... big hugs :x::x::x: