Just Diagnosed


Today we found out my husband has Bowel Cancer

Hi all,

I’m really just looking for some genera support and advice. My husband had been some issue’s down below for about a year but didn’t tell me or anyone until it became a problem.

After a lot of going back and forth (and being told he didn’t have cancer but colitis) We ended up going private for a second opinion and sadly after his colonoscopy today the consultant advised it was cancer and we have to go back there at 10am tomorrow to find out more.

We have two girls aged 5 & 9, he turned 41 last weekend and I’m 31.

I’m just feeling very much in shock by it all and not sure how to deal with it and very fearful for him.

Just looking to talk to people who have been on this journey and for some support.



Wishing hubby all the very best for 15th October. Hope all goes well. Love Diane :x::x:


Hello @MrsMoors Thanks for the update ....Its good to finally have a diagnosis and a solid plan of action Im sure that now you know when the battle commences you can get him as fit and strong as possible
My husband sailed through his Radiotherapy and had no side effects at all from the chemo
We have waited the 12 weeks had all the repeat scans sigmoidoscopy and repeat biopsies and are waiting for the results It looks like the treatments have completely nuked the cancer ...fingers crossed that the biopsies will agree
We tried to squeeze a little holiday in whenever we had a gap between appointments it did John good to get away and leave cancer at home for a few days !
All the best for the 15th ....Keep in touch
Cath :x::x:


Wishing you loads of luck with starting treatment @MrsMoors :x::x::x:


Thank you, we had our last meeting with the oncologist today before the treatment starts and she gave us a new staging T3BN1M? They have found three small lesions in the liver after the MRI switch contrast so he now has a PET scan pre treatment to confirm what they are :( it never rains bhtvit pours eh! :x:

We’re taking it easy varying on as normal and are just waiting for the treatment to start now!

We have a concert to attend the end of October so just looking forward to that!



Sorry to hear of your latest worry @MrsMoors

Let's hope that they turn out to be benign but at least they're being very vigilant and completing all the tests required to formulate the best possible treatment plan for you hubby. It's so difficult I know, but try to focus on the known FACTS at the moment and try not to let negative thoughts creep into your mind.

Keeping busy and focussed on that concert at the end of October sounds good!

Sending love and very best wishes



It’s a bit of a rollercoaster this ride eh! Spirits are high I just have moments here and there where I worry! But what can you do! Thanks for the reply. I hope your doing well, I keep following your updates and your story is in inspiration. :x:


You're so right @MrsMoors .........What can we do? Pick ourselves up, dust ourselves down and carry on as best we can.

Once the full picture is known and treatment starts, things and life WILL feel a bit better. It's utterly amazing how we humans can eventually adapt to our new 'normal' There is simply no choice!

Lots of love,

Karen 💜💛💙❤️💚


There are so many twists and turns in this world of cancer aren’t there @MrsMoors, ....... just when we think we know what is what ..... it is all changes. NEVERTHELESS your husband’s team is on the case, and that is the most important thing. Focus on that concert and plan, but not necessarily book until you know thr treatment plan, other lovely things .... take very good care, Kim :x::x:


Good news today, pet scan yesterday and no activity on the liver hoorah! Bad news distant nodes possibly in trouble but at least it means they did there job! :x::x:


That’s good to hear @MrsMoors 🙂


Happy to read that @MrsMoors! :x:


Good news @MrsMoors, onwards and upwards, Kim :x::x:


Great news 😀💜💗


That does sound like good news @MrsMoors. :x::x:

Quote from @kitti:
Hi @MrsMoors I was told I had a few lymphs involved yet at surgery and histology didnt have any, I am emvi though😢 which isnt great. Just shows though that things arent always as they seem on scans.

Hi Kittie, what does emvi mean? :x:


Extra mural venal invasion it means cancer was found in tiny blood vessels around the tumour i think :x::x:


We’re 3 weeks into Chemo and radio and no side affects so far! :x::x:


@MrsMoors hi i have just been given the all clear after radiotherapy and chemotherapy i was stage 3b. So dont worry unnecessarily atm stay positive. I also have a young family 2 and 6 years of age they kept me going and fighting.
Stay strong, big hugs. 💖💖


That’s fantastic news! Fingers crossed we can get a similar result! Xxx thank you for sharing ❤️


@lilmil Brilliant news! So very happy for you :x: