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Bear G

Stress relief? My 5000th post

Realised the other day that I was almost at the 5000-post mark!
It got me to thinking about how important this forum is to so many of us. It’s a great place for answering questions and coming for support when we’re feeling vulnerable and in need of a virtual cuddle.

It’s also a great place to share tips and I was thinking about how important it is to do things that make us smile and help us deal with things like stress.

I know I’ve posted quite a lot about yoga and meditation but I’ve recently rediscovered a great stress reliever - JIGSAWS!
Great fun and social too.

What do you think? Any other suggestions??
Big hugs


This is very serious @Bear G ........... 🤯🤯🤯, Kim :x::x:


Aarrgghh @Bear G. Now I am virtually moving all your pieces for you. Those birds are looking horribly familiar, I am getting a sense of deja vu ! will just have to start again. Remember, no sky, trees or sea next time. There are lots of interesting interiors with nice straight lines to choose from. 😊

Bear G

I’ve done trees and river in this one. 1000 pieces and I got to the last 4


You never cease to amaze me @Bear G always love your positive thinking. I have bought the colouring books and some lovely pencils. Have been more arty than I have ever been, and really enjoying it :x::x::x::x::x::x:


Hi @Lizalou - what name has your husband registered with the GOONs?

I only have one male cousin with one son (now in his 20's not married and sailing round the world) to carry on the WOODNUTT family name as my father only had daughters, my other male cousin only had daughters and grand-daughters so we are almost 'daughtered out' on our particular line!

Quote from @Lizalou:
Hi @Elmac
How exciting, I am apparently a goon too, thanks to my husband. It is now totally down to our only son to produce a whole batch of boys or the male line name will die out. But my husband is the genealogist, I just enjoy hearing about the results.

@Bear G - you will have to redo the sky!

Quote from @Bear G:
I’ve done trees and river in this one. 1000 pieces and I got to the last 4

Hello@Bear G 😳 have you re-jigged and finished?! 🤞

Bear G

@bettebette - not yet 🤨
I’ve deconstructed the sky (not a phrase I ever expected to use) as @Elmac suggested .
Watch this space!!


@Bear G Deconstructing the sky - how marvellous! 🌟 💫 🌒 🌞

Bear G

Phew 😅




Persistence clearly pays off!! 🖐👍😃


Hi @Bear G I’m loving the jigsaws! Have you tried the Wasgij ones?

I also read historic fiction and just love them, the thicker the better! I am currently reading about the last Empress of China, and the Conn Iggulden books about Genghis Kahn are some of the best books I have read. And Shogun is good, by James Clavell about ancient Asia.

Do you have any long ones you vacant recommend for the winter months?

Sarah :x:

Bear G

Hey @Sasa
I’ll look out for the Wasgij jigsaws, have t heard of them so thanks for the tip.

Love Conn Iggulden’s books, I think I’ve read most of them and completely agree, the Genghis Khan series is fab.

For chunky options I’d recommend:

Century Trilogy by Ken Follett which starts with Fall of Giants

The Shardlake books by CJ Swanson starting with Dissolution.

I also enjoyed reading Sarum by Edward Rutherford. It’s a slow start but a lovely book.

Which should you recommend?


Ah @Bear G , you haven’t lived until you have done a wasgij - a must for Christmas hols ... they take ages to do as you don’t have a picture to follow, only a clue. I am hooked! You’ll never go back to a conventional one though so beware!

Yes I have read the Follett series, so will look out for the Swanson series, I may have read the first one as I recognise the title.

I think I’ve also read most of Igguldens books, his ones about Caesar were also amazing!

Looking forward to seeing a wasgij photo!



How about music, Spotify has filled a great many hours for me - and all those music lists - heaven!


@Bear G took a leaf from your book and completed my first 1000 piece jigsaw ..... took me about a week, with the odd person dipping in as they wandered past. Found it a good way to take my mind off things, 😊 thank you xx

Bear G

Nice one @Polly68 , it’s surprisingly social isn’t it?
The only problem is having to break it up now 😱 :x::x:

Bear G

Agreed @bettebette , for me it’s amazon music “play something relaxing”, “play some soul music” etc 🎶

david watt

@Bear G you have also over taken the other moderator in terms of number of posts. Susie was on a very similor number of posts

Bear G

Not even close @david watt , I think Brian had over 7000!!