Life with bowel cancer


3 years later

Three years ago I was diagnosed T3N2a stage 3 at the age of 28. Today i had a call to say my 3year scan was clear. I don't post much at all as I'm busy with kids and work and trying to move on best I can but just wanted to post in case this gave a bit of hope/encouragement to those going through it just now. I feel well and really hope that continues but I'm grateful to be doing ok so far. Stories of people getting to the other side of it all were a lifeline to me so wanted to share good news and say thanku, it's great this forum is here to support patients and their loved ones. Sending all my best wishes to those waiting on results/surgery/chemo :x::x::x:


Thank you for posting. What an amazing news for you and hope for everyone! :x:


Lovely news @Lynne87 😊


That's lovely news @Lynne87, so good to hear - long may it continue :x::x::x:


Brilliant @Lynne87 so pleased for you. It is so important that any good news is shared to give everyone hope :x::x::x:


Brilliant news @Lynne87. Love reading posts like this! :x::x:


Fab news @Lynne87 Time for celebrations!



Fantastic news @Lynne87. I'm so happy to hear this!:x:


Congratulations Lynne87 ! Thrilled 4 u. Enjoy ur celebrations πŸŽ‰! Keep well (my goodness, u were so young when diagnosed- v tough 4 u). Thanx so much for sharing .
Every good wish for the future :x:


Thank you for sharing this news. I have two chemo left after my 3C diagnosis-its was exactly the news I needed to hear.

Good luck for the future :x::x::x:

Polly 1

Thanks for posting @Lynne87 :x::x:


Thank you so much for posting this it is so good to hear such positive news .. so fantastic you are doing so well and giving great hope for others lots of love Annie :x::x::x::x:


Thanks for posting @Lynne87 , hubby is Stage3b and has CT scan next week, you give us hope :x::x::x:


Thankyou for sharing this fantastic news with us @Lynne87. So happy for you ☺️ :x::x:


Brilliant news @Lynne87 Ive not long had surgery(3mths ago) so now and in that uncertain period, its lovely to read your news. Sending hugs :x::x::x:


Fantastic news ❀️ @Lynne87 :x::x::x:


Congratulations! Great news and as you said this is the kind of story we love to see on hear. Thanks for sharing. :x:


Snap @Lynne87 !
I had my bowel op exactly 3 years ago and have recently had a clear scan and colonoscopy. Great feeling! :x::x:


Thanks for posting
When like me ,you are just starting this journey ,it helps so much to know that there really is light at the end of the dark tunnel :x::x:


Thanks all for the good wishes! Keeping everything crossed for those waiting for scans/results for the best of news :x::x::x:


@Lynne87 fantastic news :x::x: