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May I ask for your prayers again?

Forgive me for raising a subject unrelated to bowel cancer but this is a message to all the dear friends who supported David and me over the last 3 years. Most of you will remember that my son in law was diagnosed with a brain tumour 2 years ago. His latest MRI shows a secondary tumour, Stage 4. He pushed for a prognosis and the oncologist says 6-12 months. I am pinning my hopes on King's coming up with a plan for treatment, but at the moment he is determined to refuse chemo or an operation. Please remember him, my daughter and their 2 little boys in your prayers.
Thank you :x::x:


@Daffodil my heart goes out to you, your daughter and the children. Sending love and support at this saddest of times ❤️❤️


Oh @Daffodil , I’m so sorry to read this. God bless you and your family.:x::x::x:


I’m so sorry @Daffodil . No words can help just now but love and support to you, your daughter and your family. :x:


Catherine has been so strong & brave ....just like her mum !

Sending love & strength at this incredibly sad time ....your all in my thoughts :x::x::x:


So very sorry to hear this @Daffodil, love to you all, Kim :x::x:


Dear @Daffodil, I am glad that Brent's passing was so peaceful and pray that it will bring at least some comfort to you all. RIP Brent. I'm so sorry for all the suffering you have endured. Love Gypsyxxxx


I'm so sorry @Daffodil, you must be so upset knowing what your daughter is going through. Sending love and prayers :x::x:


So very sorry for your loss @Daffodil gentle hugs coming your way :x::x::x:


@Daffodil I am so dreadfully sorry , may he rest in peace . Your family and yourself are in my thoughts and prayers. :x::x::x:


@Daffodil - so so sorry - hugs and prayers :x::x::x:


Hello @Daffodil deepest sympathy.... hugs :x::x::x:


Your family are in my thoughts through this difficult time. Sending much love and prayers :x::x::x:


So sorry to hear of your loss. :x::x::x:





Liz - I am truly sorry to hear about Brent passing away. You and Catherine are only to be admired for the way you have dealt with this and David's passing in such a short space of time. I wish you both a long and healthy life and thinking of you all through this devastating time. RIP Brent.

Tiffany :x::x:


@Daffodil Huge hugs and love coming your way. Prayers being sent out as we speak. :x::x:


@Daffodil jist hugs and kisses at this time.
thinking of you and your dear family
love Hans


so sorry to hear this, sending lots of love and big hugs to you and your family. john.:x::x:


daffodil so sorry to hear this, thinking of you all :x::x: