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May I ask for your prayers again?

Forgive me for raising a subject unrelated to bowel cancer but this is a message to all the dear friends who supported David and me over the last 3 years. Most of you will remember that my son in law was diagnosed with a brain tumour 2 years ago. His latest MRI shows a secondary tumour, Stage 4. He pushed for a prognosis and the oncologist says 6-12 months. I am pinning my hopes on King's coming up with a plan for treatment, but at the moment he is determined to refuse chemo or an operation. Please remember him, my daughter and their 2 little boys in your prayers.
Thank you :x::x:


Sending love to you all @Daffodil :x::x:


@Daffodil ....heaps of hugs, thoughts and prayers :x::x::x:

springer michelle

Sending all my love and hope it goes well :x::x::x:


V well done πŸ‘ all of u; really hope Brent can get home 🏑 with his lovely family soon. Love πŸ’— & hugs πŸ€— 2 u all :x::x::x:


thinking of you @Daffodil , life certainly tests us doesn't it? I hope Brent fared well with the op, he will have had one hell of a team there working with him.

The brain is an amazing organ too, and can recover from far more than we can imagine. Keep positive, I am sure you are such a close family, and this will make you even stronger...

Sarah :x:


Thinking of you and your family and praying for the best it can be for Brent @Daffodil .:x::x::x:


πŸ€žπŸ™ :x::x::x::x:


@Daffodil Hoping that today brings brighter things for you, your daughter, your grandsons, and, of course, most of all for Brent. Sending you all strengthening hugs. :x::x:


One of those weeks you are glad to see the back of! Brent is out of ICU, transferred to the neurological ward this evening. Still unable to talk but is understanding what is said to him. I’m sure all your prayers have helped. Love and thanks to you all. :x::x::x:


Thinking of you all & sending love :x::x:


Sending more prayers and positive energy to you and your family @Daffodil.:x::x:


Good news; thinking of u all & wishing u all the v best , love πŸ’— & hugs πŸ€— :x:



I'm glad there's been a bit of progress for Brent. Sending lots of love to you all



Good to hear there is a little progress. Sending love and prayers :x::x:


You are all in my prayers .:x:


Very good wishes to you and your family @Daffodil :x::x::x:



I am so sorry that I haven't posted yet. I was very pleased to hear about Brett and that you have had a small bit of positive news. Slowly step by step ....

You are all in my thoughts and prayers and really hoping you will be able to come back here soon with some more good news.

Lots of love. Tiffany :x::x:


Hope all will continue to go your way @Daffodil . Thinking of you all :x::x:


Heaps of love to you @Daffodil and to Brent. XxπŸ’œ


Dear Daffodil - I am praying for you all xx