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May I ask for your prayers again?

Forgive me for raising a subject unrelated to bowel cancer but this is a message to all the dear friends who supported David and me over the last 3 years. Most of you will remember that my son in law was diagnosed with a brain tumour 2 years ago. His latest MRI shows a secondary tumour, Stage 4. He pushed for a prognosis and the oncologist says 6-12 months. I am pinning my hopes on King's coming up with a plan for treatment, but at the moment he is determined to refuse chemo or an operation. Please remember him, my daughter and their 2 little boys in your prayers.
Thank you :x::x:


Oh @Daffodil ; I am so v sorry to hear that Brent has come through major surgery only then to have suffered traumatic memory loss & a poor prognosis. You & your daughter & grandchildren have been & continue to be the most amazing support to Brent.
Is he in any pain or discomfort?
Really hope his last months/weeks/days are as comfortable & peaceful as poss.
Wishing u, ur daughter & their Children strength & sending 💗 & hugs @ this terribly difficult & sad time :x:

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Im so so sorry :x::x::x::x:


You are a brilliant lot of people!
Brent is completely oblivious as to the seriousness of his situation, and at the moment is pain free. He does have an enormous swelling on the side of his head because of the build up of fluid, but they don’t intend to meddle with it.
I think Catherine is hoping that being at home will help his memory. At the moment he doesn’t remember their house, or his job, or friends made recently. He can’t read or write and has a weakness in the limbs and sight on his right side. But he is talking more clearly, not necessarily the correct words though!
We just want him to enjoy being with his family, even though he won’t remember what he has done he will enjoy the moment, and that is very important to Catherine. Tomorrow is the school fireworks and she is going to try to take him to that - my son and I will be on hand to help. Life goes on in the midst of tragedy!


Hello @Daffodil I am so sorry for you and your family. There is nothing that can be said that will help. You know that everyone on the forum is thinking of you and sending lots of love your way. God bless ❤️❤️


Oh @Daffodil. As I read your post I just thought the song title “I get knocked down, but I get up again” could have been written for you and your family, you’ve had so much thrown at you. My thoughts and best wishes to you all as you go through this. :x:


You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers sending love and hugs God bless :x::x::x:


@Daffodil Im so glad hes not in pain and is also unaware of the emotional devistation thats occuring around him, for those small mercies is a positive. I hope you, your daughter and grandchildren can find the strength to cope with the coming weeks/months.. blessings to you all :x::x:


@Daffodil thinking of you all :x::x::x:


OH @Daffodil , what a nightmare you are all having. Sending you lots of love and strength, big hugs Hollyx


Still thinking of, and praying for you @Daffodil

Sarah :x:

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@Daffodil hello my dear just read yr update so sorry for yr daughter husband I will pray for strength for you also you are dealing with yr own grief so sorry please take care :x::x::x::x::x:


@Daffodil huge hugs, prayers and lots of love coming right at you. :x::x::x::x::x:


Thinking of you all Daffodil, and sending hugs and prayers :x::x::x:


Sending love and prayers for all your family @Daffodil . I hope your trip to watch the fireworks was successful and that the grandchildren enjoyed themselves. But it must be so, so difficult to live for each day, knowing that the situation is devastating. Hugs and prayers :x::x:


Oh dear Daffodil, stay strong and sending you my prayers :x::x:


Well now we know.
After appointments at Kings (very gung-ho surgeon - pleased with his embroidery!), and a more considered discussion with the oncologist (who has been caring for Brent since 2016), he has been told that he has 6 months plus whatever extra months 3 weeks of radiotherapy will buy him.
In himself he is very calm and mellow. His speech has improved and he can almost have a conversation. His memory hasn’t recovered (he still can’t find his way around their house for example) and they say this will be permanent. His balance is poor and he has accepted help from the hospice physio to help with it. He has lost peripheral vision on his right side and keeps bumping into things!
My lovely daughter (nickname Pollyanna!) is looking on these months as a gift. She is using the time to build good memories , to make him feel loved and to reconnect with him in a way that wasn’t possible over the last 2 years when his character had changed so dreadfully.
Family and friends are rallying round to help with the practicalities of school run, after school activities etc. I have Brent at my house, or take him out so that she can carry on with her clients at home, but she has had to resign from her work with Fegans charity counselling children. They have been very generous and have given her a 2-year sabbatical so she will have a job to go back to.
Christmas will be strange - the first without David, and possibly Brent's last. They hope to complete the radiotherapy treatment before Christmas, another thing to build into an already busy schedule!
Thank you ALL of you for your continuing support. You have been brilliant. :x::x::x:


Thank you for your update @Daffodil

This was never going to be easy but it sounds like you’ve all found a way of continuing to live despite everything.

Sending love to you all



Oh @Daffodil this is devastating for all concerned. I’m keeping you all in my thoughts :x::x::x:


Thinking of you all @Daffodil. With all love, Gypsyxxx


Sending hugs to you all , thinking of you @Daffodil :x::x: