Younger people with bowel cancer


Update: 18 months from diagnosis of Stage 3 CRC

Hello. I thought I'd provide an update which is positive news (overall!)

After my diagnosis in January 2017 as Stage3 and living with an ileostomy since then, in July this year I underwent reversal surgery. The reversal was a little unusual in that due to history of Crohn's disease they removed almost all the remainder of my colon and left about 1-2 feet of colon/rectum. The surgery created an ileo-sigmoid anastomosis. The reason we did this was to reduce the risk of cancer recurring in the colon where it was scarred from previous inflammation. My lower colon/rectum is in good shape.
This surgery is a risk as Crohn's may come back in my left-over colon and we don't want to risk high powered drugs if it does, because we believe they may have contributed to me getting bowel cancer. If this happens and we can't control with modest drugs, I'll probably opt for a permanent ileostomy.

In any event, here I am 8 weeks post surgery, which was extremely grim due to lots of infections. Thankfully after 3 weeks in hospital and 2 weeks home-care (IV antibiotics) I am in much better shape now.

My colon is acting 3-4 times a day and my energy has improve greatly. I return to work tomorrow, and will take it easy for a few weeks/months depending how I get on.
My pre-surgery scans and CEA also came back normal, so that's great.

I'm very apprehensive to sound too positive as I've experienced and witnessed how fragile our health is, but here's hoping! :D;D:)B)

Best wishes to everyone reading this forum


Good news @kdan , but don't over do it at work :x::x:


Great news @Pam - stay positive! God bless :x::x:


V well done πŸ‘ u !
Best of luck with returning to work :x:


Brill news :x: :x:


Great news. Good luck going back to work @kdan :x::x:


This sounds very positive @kdan , considering all you have been through. It sounds as if you have had to become an expert in the complications of Crohns and its connection with bowel cancer. A double dose of misery!

Bear G

Fab news @kdan
Sounds like you’ve handled all of this brilliantly. So pleased you’re already feeling your energy increase.
Big hugs


Great to read your good news @kdan! I hope work goes well but take it easy!



Hi @kdan, your experience is good to read and well done on getting through this heavy duty experience! Good luck with going back to work .... !